Tuesday, August 9, 2022
News"Scotland TV massacre". Man hurls flatscreen at pal during row

“Scotland TV massacre”. Man hurls flatscreen at pal during row

BIZARRE footage has captured the moment a Scotsman throws a flat-screen TV at his friend during a fight.

The incredible clip shows the angry Scot lift the television above his head before launching it down at the other man as he lies on the ground.

Thought to have been filmed in a flat in Glasgow, the TV lands with a loud crash before the two men start to remonstrate about why the television was thrown.

Ryan Finlay/Facebook

The footage was uploaded to Facebook yesterday (SUN) by user Ryan Finlay who captioned it: “Scotland TV massacre.”

The 48-second-clip has already been viewed 61,000 times with a further 700 comments and 525 shares.

Ryan Finlay/Facebook

The video starts with the angry Scot, dressed in a red jacket, lifting the black TV above his head and throwing it down at his friend who’s on the kitchen floor.

His friend can be heard saying: “Mate, no,” but to no avail, as the TV crashes down on him.

The friend, dressed in a green polo shirt, then looks back up at his attacked and says: “You smashed my telly mate.”

The other Scot points back at him and replies: “I’ll smash you and your telly mate.”

As the victim of the TV attack gets back to his feet, he asks: “What the f**k is that mate? What the f**k do you think you’re doing? Smashing my telly mate. Throwing my telly away mate.”

Ryan Finlay/Facebook

He becomes more and more angry as he asks: “Why the f**k are you doing that mate?”

The other Scot calmly responds: “Want to fight me?”

The clip ends with the victim asking: “Want to f*****g tell me right now why you’re f*****g throwing my telly at me mate?”

Facebook users were quick to react to the odd video.

DM McIntyre wrote: “F*****g s***e doing that to someone’s stuff. Wee daftys.”

Katie Bowers commented: “Don’t throw a Scottish man’s telly.”

Whilst Calum Begg tagged his friend and added: “I’m just going to tag you in everything I see that defines how beautiful a country you seem to think Scotland is.”

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