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NewsLoch Ness holiday firm face boycott after attack on "SNP failures"

Loch Ness holiday firm face boycott after attack on “SNP failures”

A HIGHLAND holiday firm is facing a boycott by enraged nationalists after attacking “divisive” SNP policies on its own website.

Loch Ness Holiday rent “bespoke, luxury” apartments for up to £130 a night on the shores of the world-famous beauty spot.

But holidaymakers are vowing to stay away after the firm used a blog on its website, as well as its Facebook and Twitter accounts, to lambast “SNP fanatics” and “obnoxious nationalists”.

The self-catering apartments in a former abbey in Fort Augustus, are run by Andy and Rosemary Holt, and boast that “location is everything”.

But Rosemary and Andy, who formerly managed a 1,500-acre farm in Kent, are being trolled online amid claims of “rampant” political posting.

The company website features a blog by Andy entitled: “SNP Failures.

The holiday home

Andy writes: “Wake up for heaven’s sake and see the nationalist government for what it is, look at all the SNP failures, look objectively at what they are doing and ask at every turn why they’re doing it and you will soon see they have a single idealistic independence agenda regardless of the consequences to the ordinary people of Scotland.”

Andy adds: “Be vocal and whenever you can tell the SNP politicians sitting in Westminster to stop being antagonistic, divisive and start working on our behalf alongside the rest of our elected politicians.”

The anti-SNP content goes beyond their website to their social media accounts. In one tweet yesterday, they wrote: “Soon Scottish voters will abandon SNP fanatics for voices of reason.”

The couple retweeted a poll which asked: “Which is the most obnoxious nationalist”, featuring four options: Nicola Sturgeon, Nigel Farage, Marine le Pen and Gerry Adams. Sturgeon was leading.

One of the blog posts

And on their Facebook page last month, they posted a petition entitled: “Another Scottish independence referendum should not be allowed to happen.”

Last night, hundreds of social media users tweeted the company to criticise their activity.

On Twitter, Christopher Donohue posted: “I feel a a boycott a’coming.”

Pat McClay said: “You’ve opened my eyes. I definitely won’t be recommending you to any of my English friends coming visiting this summer.”

Another user known as Laura H wrote: “Oh well, that’s your company off my list for next year’s holiday up that way. Thanks for the heads up.”

David Wells added: “Cheers for the heads up as to your politics. I’ll be sure to give you a wide berth in future.”

JR Tomlin concluded: “As a Yank who both visits Scotland & recommends Scottish holiday services to friends, you will not receive my business or recommendations.”

The business’s activity has now spread beyond holidaymakers, with the satirical Angry Alex Salmond Twitter account writing: “Other Loch Ness accommodations are available.”

But the owners have not backed down, tweeting in reply to say: “When nationalists stop dividing our country I will stop saying what I think of them.”

Andy later added: “None of the business owners here ever get involved in what is happening here. I guess they are all afraid of the vitriol they get from Nats.”

The 2014 independence referendum delivered a narrow “No” vote in Highland, with 52.9 opting for the union and 47.1 voting for separation.

The website for Loch Ness Holiday states: “St Benedict’s abbey at Fort Augustus has been sympathetically restored and converted to bespoke luxury holiday apartments.

“Each apartment is unique and suitable for couples, family holidays or groups of friends.”

Andy describes his interests as writing, gardening, wildlife, Search Engine Optimisation while “Rosemary has a particular interest in moths and bats and is regularly out at night ‘mothing and batting’.”

The abbey at Fort Augustus has a controversial history.

Three years ago, a former pupil at a closed Catholic boarding school in the abbey alleged that monks committed regular sexual abuse against students.

A six-month investigation was launched where dozens of boys talked about being the subject of sexual violence.

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