Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsMartin Compston's anti-Tory tweet derailed by very Scottish contents of his bin

Martin Compston’s anti-Tory tweet derailed by very Scottish contents of his bin

HOLLYWOOD star Martin Compston has become the butt of online jokes after sharing an image of his very Scottish recycling bin.

The actor intended to take a swipe at the Scottish Tories by sharing a picture of one of their election leaflets in his bin.

But followers were far more interested in the contents of the bin. Rather than evidence of celebrity-style alkaline, M Plan or 5-Factor diets, Compston’s bin is full of Irn Bru bottles and chip packets.

The 32-year-old Line of Duty star referred to a letter from Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, telling his Twitter followers: “Junk mail can be annoying but it’s important to recycle.”

A photograph of the leaflet placed in the bin also reveals at the top two empty two-litre Irn Bru bottles, an empty two-litre Coke bottles, and two empty boxes of M&S chips.

Sharon wrote: “Good Scottish diet of Irn Bru and chips there.”

Kevin Miller commented: “That’s possibly the most Scottish bin I’ve ever seen. Chips and Irn-bru.”

Sparkle responded: “Irn Bru and chips? We’re so Scottish.”

Dave Graham commented: “You need to cut down on the chips and fizzy juice fella.”

Whilst Supertim added: “That’s as Scottish a recycle bin as you would find.”

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