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NewsArran-dy: thousands of women go wild after bogus claim Tom Hardy visiting...

Arran-dy: thousands of women go wild after bogus claim Tom Hardy visiting island

THOUSANDS of frantic Tom Hardy fans have been duped into believing the hollywood hunk is currently visiting Isle of Arran.

Some hardcore admirers of the Taboo star have even been planning to put their lives on hold and jump on a ferry to hunt down Hardy after a fake tweet was shared online.

Hilariously some women have even said they’ll be hunting him down in a “fur coat and no knickers” and ditching their children to find the 39-year-old actor.

The screenshot shows a mocked up tweet – even including a fake blue tick – posted on the Twitter account for the “Real Tom Hardy” – despite the star not using Twitter for the past four years.


The tweet tricked lots of his adoring fans


The fake post read: “Just arrived on Arran. This could be the world’s most beautiful island.”

In a reference to a £110-a-night hotel on the island, the joker added: “Checked into Lagg ahead of tomorrow’s shoot. I can’t wait to walk my dogs. #amazing #Arran.”

The image was shared on the Facebook page, Utter nonsense Films – Arran, who have been known in the past to trick people into believing Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise were on the island.”

In less than 24 hours, it has already been liked over 3,000 times and shared more than a thousand.

Over 2,000 comments have been left on the post from adoring fans of the Mad Max and Batman star.

An over excited Christine Armour wrote: “I’ll see you early doors tom. Ditch the wife for a day and night. I will be wearing a fur coat and no knickers you sex bomb.”

Carolina Moon said: “‘Sorry, I can’t come in tomorrow. I have a cough and must visit my doctor…in Arran. Soz’.”

Tagging a friend in the comment, Paula Cameron wrote: “ Mon we’ll ditch every single responsibility/baby and take a wee jaunt over tomorrow.”

Some admirers have even started making plans to phone in sick to work in order to visit the island.

Tagging her friends into the comment, Jade Cook wrote: “So we all phoning in sick tomorrow and getting the ferry to Arran?”

Sharon Young said: “Soooooo, phoning in sick tomorrow and heading to Arran. Up for it?”

And Megan Earley said: “Let’s ditch work tomorrow and just all head to Arran.”

However, some users were quick to point out that the tweet wasn’t real.

Kyle Dickson said: “Hate to disappoint but I can’t believe how gullible people are. Do a bit of research, Tom Hardy doesn’t have an actual Twitter account.”

And Stuart R Wilson wrote: “The same page claims Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, Sly Stallone and Anthony Joshua are on Arran. That’s some movie. Some folks are so gullible.”

A less-than-impressed worker in the island’s leisure industry said today: “We don’t get internet here so, no, I’m not aware of this.

“I can’t imagine a big star like Tom Hardy would tweet that. That’s just the tragedy of social media.”

The Lagg Hotel declined to comment.

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