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News"I've seen worse outside the bingo." Football fans ridicule overhyped "fight" video

“I’ve seen worse outside the bingo.” Football fans ridicule overhyped “fight” video

A COACHLOAD of football fans have been branded “cringeworthy” after video showed them wildly celebrating a pathetic fight with rival fans.

The Aberdeen fans on the coach scream, shout and bang the windows in a bid to encourage fellow supporters to attack Heart fans in an Edinburgh street.

Despite the subsequent scrap involving a couple of half-punches lasting about three seconds, the Dons supporters on the bus explode with delight.

And as the rival fans in the street back away from each other, the supporters on the bus start singing “Walking Away the Hearts Way”.

Unimpressed viewers said they had seen worse violence outside the bingo or when a supermarket coffee machine broke.

The clip – called “Absolute scenes in Edinburgh on Sunday as Aberdeen fans clash with a couple of Hearts fans” – has been viewed at least 64,000 times since it was uploaded following Sunday’s game at Tynecastle.

A COACHLOAD of football fans have been branded “cringeworthy” after video showed them wildly celebrating a pathetic fight with rival fans.

Many viewers of the clip on the Scottish Away Fans Facebook page have poured scorn on the behaviour of the fans on the bus.

Davie Temperley said: “Seen worse at the kick out time outside the gala bingo.”

Jo Kay added: “Clash? There’s more aggro when the coffee machine in Tesco there is broken.”

Credit: Scottish Football Away Fans

Euan Hay wrote: “Embarrassing, absolute scenes, calm down. Even more embarrassing is all the folk in here trying to give it loudy.”

Gav Miller added: “This is the most cringeworthy thing I’ve seen in my life.

“Walking away the hearts way” while they sit on the coach, shouting at someone that can’t hear them.”

Ziggy Marlon said: “What a bunch of f****** idiots. Imagine getting that excited at that nonsense. Absolute space cadets every last one of them.”

In the video, Aberdeen supporters are egged on to attack Hearts fans by the supporters on the bud who shout “go on” repeatedly.

After much encouragement, the two Aberdeen fans run at theie rivals and a very short melee follows.

But just as the bus passengers begin celebrating the fight, shouting “yes”, both sets of men start backing away from each other, and around five seconds later, they both turn back on themselves, and leave the scene of the fight.

Despite the damp squib, the bus passengers seem to take the event as a victory, chating “Walking away the Hearts way” despite the fact that their fans have done exactly the same thing.

Aberdeen beat Hearts 2-1 in the match, which was the last to be played before Hearts’ Tynecastle Stadium undergoes major renovation over the summer.

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