Friday, August 19, 2022
NewsMoment romantic Scot realises his hot date "Emma" is pranking pals

Moment romantic Scot realises his hot date “Emma” is pranking pals

HILARIOUS video footage has captured the moment a Scotsman turns up to a first date – only to realise he’s been cruelly pranked by two of his best friends.

Stuart Murray, from Renfrew, thought he was turning up for a night with a girl he had been chatting to over social media called ‘Emma’.

However, when he turned up, Stuart was shocked when he was greeted by his friends Andrew Ballantyne and David Coates, who had been pretending to be ‘Emma’.


Stuart was duped by his mates


Andrew and David had the camera rolling to record Stuart’s shocked reaction when he found out that it wasn’t ‘Emma’ he’d been speaking to for the past two days on dating site ‘Plenty of Fish’.

Andrew uploaded the footage to Facebook on Sunday evening with the caption: “Been bamming Stuart up for a couple of days pretending to be a girl called Emma on Plenty of Fish. So tonight he went for his big “date” and we turned up to meet him.”

The 17-second clip starts with Stuart looking at his phone as he makes his way through what appears to be a busy shopping centre.

As he looks up, he spots the camera and his two friends and starts to smile as a voice behind the camera asks: “Are you Emma?”



All three of the friends start to laugh as Stuart asks: “Are you kidding me on?”

One of the friends reaches him to give him a hug as they struggle to control their laughter and Stuart says: “F**k off you pair of d***s.”

As what has happened starts to sink in, Stuart asks: “Serious, was that you two? Kidding me on?”

Speaking today about the prank, Stuart’s friend Andrew said: “We’d been texting him for just under two days.

“We started it to build his confidence a bit because he wasn’t getting any luck but when he started bragging about it we thought it would be a good laugh to end it in a funny way.

“We thought the best way would be to get a good laugh and buy him some dinner on his pretend date.

“He took it well and is genuinely a great guy. He just said he found it funny and he’s going to try and get us back.”

Facebook users were quick to react to the prank footage.

Stuart McCabe wrote: “That’s funny.”

Ann Cawley commented: “That’s cruel but funny.”

Whilst Robert Buckley added: “Too funny.”

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