Saturday, August 13, 2022
NewsStudent files essay from club a minute before the deadline

Student files essay from club a minute before the deadline

A BRILLIANT video shows an under-pressure student taking his laptop on a night out and submitting his assignment from a club – one minute before the deadline.

University of Gloucestershire student Lawrence Kemp can be seen celebrating with pals in the club at 11.59pm, as he submits the essay on a MacBook Pro.

The full video, taken by piecing together several Snapchats, documents the whole evening, as the Business Management student is pressurised by his flatmates to come out.

At the start of the video, at 22.10pm, Lawrence can be seen sat in his bed, writing on his laptop as friends ask him when the assignment is due. He replies: “Midnight.”

His friends then rip into him, saying: “You’ve got loads of time.”

Further snapchats throughout the night show Lawrence complaining to his friends that are making too much noise, as he writes in his room, and they drink and play music in the living space.

As the evening approaches the later stages, they are seen going into his room and forcing him to drink a can of cider through a “beer bong”, and after losing a coin toss, he reluctantly agrees.

In better spirits, Lawrence is then seen laptop in hand in the living room with his friends, sipping from a can, whilst typing.

Lawrence is miraculously convinced by friends that he complete the work whilst partying, and is seen in a later clip, in the club pressing ‘send’ on his Mac.

Pals cheer, as he finally submits the essay, with a Snapchat filter showing the time to be 11.59pm.

Lawrence’s friend Danny Cotter explains the behaviour was not like Lawrence at all.

Danny said: “He’s actually usually academically good, he always gets first or a 2:1.

“Our friend works in the club so he got us in with it by convincing the bouncers it was fine.”

After submitting the essay, Lawrence was able to keep the MacBook in the cloakroom for the rest of the evening, and continued partying with friends.

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