Wednesday, July 6, 2022
News"Theresa May talks p***". Now Glasgow gives PM the "Boris" treatment.

“Theresa May talks p***”. Now Glasgow gives PM the “Boris” treatment.

THE city that informed the world that “Boris Johnson is a pure f****” has turned its irreverent attention to his boss.

Just metres from the spot in Glasgow where the legendary Johnson message was daubed, a sign now states: “Theresa May talks p***”.

The rude message, in red letters on a white background, was attached to metal railings in the Partick area of the city yesterday (TUE).

The cheeky sign near the job centre, attached by several cable ties, includes a smaller message in black ink advising: “Don’t vote Tory”.

The political message was erected just yards from the same wall that showcased the message “Boris Johnson is a pure f****” in August last year.

Hilariously, days after council staff covered over the graffiti, a cheeky vandal spray painted a second message reading: “Boris Jo[h]nson is still a pure f****”.

The new poster referring to the prime minister has humoured dozens of Scots who have taken to social media to comment on the message.

Edith Longmuir said: “Never a truer statement made.”

Peter Bock wrote: “P***? More like sh*** if you ask me.”

And Lorna Mckain said: “Wonder how long it will be left up there?”

The sign has prompted Scottish gift company, Lisa Donati to create a mug with an image of Theresa May along with the message.

Sharing a snap of the mug today, the company wrote: “’Theresa May Talks P***’.

“In the run up to the 2017 general election, Glasgow has spoken once more.

“Design inspired by Partick’s unofficial Press Corner.”

The same company also released “Boris is a pure f****” mugs last year after spotting the message nearby.

SNP firebrand Mhairi Black, who hopes to be reelected to Westminster on June 8, delivered a memorably Scottish insult to a Tory minister inside the Commons earlier this year. Most lipreaders are convinced Ms Black told Caroline Nokes: “You talk s****, hen.”

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