Mollie bagged another record on Everest – the world’s highest Blue Peter badge


THE YOUNGEST-ever British climber to scale Everest from both sides bagged another record at the same time – carrying a Blue Peter badge to the summit.

Mollie Hughes, 26, made history on Tuesday after scaling the 8,848m (29,029ft) peak from north side.

Mollie, who lives in Edinburgh, climbed Everest from the south five years ago.

But she has now revealed that she wore a Blue Peter badge on the second ascent, the first time the legendary award has been carried to the roof of the world.

Credit: Mollie Hughes

A lifelong fan of the show, she was given the badge in February by presenter Lindsey Russell.

Sharing an incredible photo, Mollie is pictured at the summit proudly showing off the same badge.

The photo, along with another snap of her holding up both index fingers in reference to her achievement, are the first images shared showing her at the peak.

Mollie went on Blue Peter in February to talk about her expedition.

At the top on Tuesday. Credit: Mollie Hughes

Following the filming, she wrote in a blog: “For those readers that don’t know, where have you been? Blue Peter badges are a coveted award given to viewers and fans of the show.

“Lindsey told me that a Blue Peter badge had travelled to space, it had travelled to the South Pole, across deserts, but never had it been to the top of the world.

“Lindsey asked me if I would take the badge on my journey and attempt to get it to the summit of Mount Everest. Of course, I said yes.”

She added: “Blue Peter brings back so many childhood memories. When we were kids my brother and I would religiously watch it every day at 5pm. In fact, so did my parents.”

Mollie’s Blue Peter badge could be spotted in snaps she shared.

Mollie, originally from Torbay, Devon, reached the summit of Mount Everest from its south side in 2012, at the age of 21.

During her second challenge that she completed this week she posted video clips showing the struggles her team faced during the record-breaking ascent.

To help her get through the gruelling challenge she listened to Britney Spears and played with a Rubik’s cube to pass the time during rest periods.

Her achievement beat climber Lynne Hannah from Northern Ireland who in 2016 – aged 54 – became the first British woman to achieve ascents from both the north and south.