Friday, May 20, 2022
NewsHeart-stopping moment delivery van driver forces motorist into motorway fast lane

Heart-stopping moment delivery van driver forces motorist into motorway fast lane

THE reckless driver of a delivery van forces a motorist to swerve into the fast lane in a shocking video captured on dashcam.

The DPD van joins a busy motorway and comes within inches of the dashcam car as it immediately swings into the middle lane.

The car driver desperately veers into the fast lane to avoid a pile-up – only for the DPD driver to pull in front again.

The 30-second-clip was filmed by Kevin Hughes on the M74 on May 4 during the afternoon rush hour.

It starts as Kevin drives along in the early evening sun as a DPD van can be seen coming up the slipway to join the motorway.


The driver cut dangerously close to the dash cam driver


Kevin courteously moves into the middle lane to let the DPD vehicle out. The DPD van then moves across into the left lane but doesn’t stop and keeps moving.

It then continues into the middle lane and cuts right in front of Kevin, who is forced to slam on the brakes and move out into the outside lane to avoid ramming into the back of the van.

The DPD driver then continues to move into the outside lane, staying in front of Kevin’s car, before he flashes his hazard lights to thank him for letting them out.



Speaking about the frightening incident, Kevin said: “”Initially when I saw him cutting across two lanes, I was pretty annoyed at the manoeuvre and the speed at which he did it.

“When I had to swerve to the outside lane, I genuinely thought I was going to have to go into the barrier to prevent myself from hitting him.

“I was hoping no one was in that lane because I didn’t have the chance to check if it was clear.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “This driver doesn’t seem to understand the principle of mirror, signal – then manoeuvre or simply doesn’t care.

“Driving in this manner has the potential to cause a nasty accident. We hope DPD will emphasise to their drivers that road safety is more important than meeting delivery deadlines.”


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