Llama drama for Scots police after George escapes from fun park


POLICE officers were called out to a bizarre road traffic incident earlier this week – a “strange looking Llama” chilling in the middle of the road after a night out.

The Llama, believed to be called George, had escaped from his home at Dalscone Farm Fun Park in Dumfries at around 1am on Wednesday morning to go on the prowl.

After spending an hour on the town the curious beast was finally spotted by a baffled driver who was stunned to see the “strange” animal relaxing in the middle of the town’s Edinburgh Road.

The shocked motorist called police who rushed to the scene who quickly ushered George back home to his bed.


The Llama was on the loose in Dumfries


But as proof of the sighting, he quickly took a snap of George nonchalantly sauntering past his car.

Another image was later shared on Facebook showing George lying down in the middle of a carriageway, lit only by streetlights.

Following the bizarre call-out, Dumfries Galloway Police Division posted about the events on social media – sparking users to liken the situation to something they would see on BBC police comedy, Scots Squad.

Titled, An Adventure – Alpaca ma bags, they wrote: “As police officers we undertake lots of training to make sure we can respond to any situation, however we must have missed the page about dealing with an escaped llama in the middle of Dumfries during our night shifts.

“But ever the professionals it was no prob-llama for our cops who alpaca’d his bags and returned him home.”

They also took to Twitter to share an image of the animal writing: “Escaped llama walks Dumfries streets during night.

Referring to a local nightclub, they added: “Reports it had been partying in Chancers are unconfirmed.”

Dozens of social media users took to Facebook to comment on the Llama’s night out.

Gordon Mokwa said: “10 on 10. This is so Scot Squad it hurts.”

George Brough wrote: “Is this george? Must be wanting to come for a haircut and got lost.”

And Mary Irving Thank you for giving me a laugh this morning. So much doom and gloom in the world just now.

“Nice to know the police can do a hard job and still show a sense of humour. P.S If you have any wool left over I can knit.

A spokesman for Police Scotland today said: “A motorist called around 2am in the early hours of Wednesday morning after spotting what he said was a strange looking llama on Edinburgh Road.

“Officers who were out on patrol turned up and it was a matter of shooing him back to where he came from.

“It had managed to escape from Dalscone Farm for about an hour. They had no idea where it could’ve been going.”