“Major delaysions” bus company introduces new word


A BUS company grammar blunder has managed to create a new word in an attempt to warn passengers over delays.

The hilarious message on the digital bus tracker sign appear to show the phrase “major delaysions” and even misspelled the company’s own website.

The Lothian Bus time tracking monitor in Edinburgh managed to misprint it’s own website details on the sign which read “Lothinbuses.co.uk”

Snapped on Friday last week, the sign blunder attempted to inform passengers of possible delays from the city’s marathon event.


The mishap appeared at a bus stop in Edinburgh


Posting the funny snap online, Twitter user Nicola Osborne shared the awkward spelling mistakes.

Tweeting the bus tracker sign she said: “Amazing made-up word now appearing across

Edinburgh courtesy of #edinburghmarathon & @on_lothianbuses! #delaysions…”

The full message on the monitor read: “Edinburgh Marathon 28 May 2017. Major delaysions. Lothinbuses.co.uk”

Commenting on the tweet, one Twitter user mocked the bus company’s faux pas.

@Cardlinger said: “Is it a portmanteau of ‘delay’ and ‘diversions’? Also great misspelling of their own website”

Responding to the grammer disaster, a spokeswoman for Lothian Buses said: “Lothian updates the tracker information with notifications as required and unfortunately sometimes small mistakes like this appear.

“We apologise to any customers who were left confused.”