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NewsSenior Labour MSP branded "disgusting" for Twitter jibe at grieving Salmond

Senior Labour MSP branded “disgusting” for Twitter jibe at grieving Salmond

A SENIOR Scottish Labour MSP has been branded “disgusting” for aiming a jibe at Alex Salmond as he grieved over the death of his father.
Jackie Baillie, the party’s spokeswoman for public services and wealth creation, tweeted last night: “Nicola Sturgeon told me once that she really liked Alex Salmond. Really! That was two days after he resigned. #ScotDebates.”

The message went out a few hours after it emerged Salmond’s father, Robert, had died, aged 95.


Baillie faced a Twitter backlash for her comments


Baillie, who later apologised and insisted she had not been aware of the circumstances, faced a barrage of criticism on Twitter.

Councillor Katy Loudon wrote: “That’s a really classy tweet given Alex’s circumstances today. Shameful.”

Jeany Bean commented: “Really disgusting bad taste given that Alex has just lost his father today.I think you have proved how low @scottishlabour will sink.”

Isobel Huntly wrote: “What is it with Labour’s personal attacks. It’s shameful. You are bringing our politics into disrepute.”

Toby LeRone commented: “Shame on you.”

Whilst James Scobbie added: “You picked a poor day for Alex Salmond jibes. Not classy at all.”

Baillie, 53, later tweeted an apology, writing: “I was not aware that Alex Salmond’s father passed away today. I am sorry if my tweet meant in jest caused any offence.”

Baillie’s controversial tweet was posted during last night’s televised debates between the Scottish party leaders.

The tweet, which has not been deleted, appears to relate to Nicola Sturgeon’s claim during the debate that Labour leader Kezia Dugdale would not oppose IndyRef2 after the Brexit vote.

Robert Salmond passed away at the Erskine Home for ex-servicemen.

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