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NewsSocial worker who drew moustache on tot faces being struck off

Social worker who drew moustache on tot faces being struck off

A VILE nursery worker who abused three toddlers in her care – including drawing a moustache on one of them – faces being struck.

Laura Houston was convicted of assaulting the three one-year-olds while working at Happy Days Too in Busby, Glasgow between August 2014 and February 2015.

Houston intentionally tripped up one boy, drew a moustache on his face while he was sleeping and grabbed him by the ankles causing him to fall and smack his face.

She also obstructed the way of a little girl causing her to trip over and slapped another boy in the chest.

She was given a 12-month community payback order at Paisley Sheriff Court in Renfrewshire in August last year.


The Happy Days Too nursery in Glasgow


But she now faces being banned from working with children altogether following a hearing with the Scottish Social Services Council for Scotland (SSSC) next week.

Along with the charges found proved in court, the SSSC are also investigating new allegations including biting and force-feeding one toddler causing them to be sick.

Houston is also accused of telling a one-year-old child that she would “love to put her head through a window”.

The updated SSSC allegations state: “During the course of your employment, you did, in relation to child AA, aged about 1, between 30 November 2014 and 28 February 2015, on more than one occasion, put your hand or foot out as AA walked past, causing AA to fall over.

“On or around 9 February 2015, throw AA off a chair by grabbing his arms, causing AA to bump their head off the table.

“Between 1 January 2015 and 28 February 2015, tell child CC, aged about 1, to push and bite DD.

“Between 24 October 2014 and 30 December 2014, take a photograph of DD with a moustache on his face which you had drawn with a marker pen or similar implement.

“Tell colleague ZZ to tell anyone who asked that DD had drawn the moustache on his own face.

“On or around 11 February 2015, in relation to child FF, aged about 1, push FF back and forward while they were sitting down, repeatedly try to feed FF their lunch when FF was gagging. Your action contributed to FF being sick.

“On more than one occasion, push child HH, aged about 1, on top of FF when they were playing in the knowledge that FF suffered from hip problems.

“On more than one occasion, say to child GG, aged about 1, “I’d love to put your head through a window” or words to that effect.”

Another charge also accuses Houston of refusing to help a child who had slipped on a wet floor and bumped her head.

She apparently refused to sign an incident form for the child and encouraged other junior staff not to report it.

Houston resigned from her position at the nursery in February 2015 after being suspended amid an investigation into the claims.

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