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News"Have you pumped?" Scots gran's hilarious reaction to grandson's fart spray goes...

“Have you pumped?” Scots gran’s hilarious reaction to grandson’s fart spray goes viral

A SCOTS granny has gone viral after she was caught on video asking her grandson “Have you pumped?” while gagging and spraying air freshener.

David Mcintyre, from Irvine, North Ayrshire, captured the hilarious reaction after secretly spraying a can of “Liquid Ass Fart Spray” while visiting his gran last Saturday.

The three-minute-clip shows plasterer David sitting across from his gran as she watches TV in her dressing gown and slippers.


David’s gran was less than impressed with his prank


The camera then focuses on the pranking gas container before his gran abruptly shouts in her Scottish accent: “What’s that smell? Did you pump?”

She continues to ask “Did you pump? What’s that smell? ” while gagging and looking clearly unimpressed with the revolting smell.

Turning to look at David, she asks again “Did you pump?” before shouting “You did” while he sticks to his guns and denies any responsibility.


She had open the window because the smell was that bad


She then reaches for a can of air freshener, luckily placed on the table next to her, and begins spraying the air while screwing her face up and saying “Oh my god, that stinks”.

Continuing to gag, she jumps up from her seat before telling David she’ll “need to open a window”.

David can be heard asking, “What’s wrong? It stinks of what?” before his gran shouts “S***!”.

David finally admits he is behind the smell, before she calls him a “dirty pr**k” and warns him “Don’t pump in here. That fart stinks.”

She then begins coughing before asking, “I think you’ve shit your trousers. Have you? You’re stinking of s***.” while wafting a newspaper around, attempting to clear the air.



David even tries to blame the smell on his gran’s dog who apparently couldn’t create a smell that bad.

But just before the video ends, she spots the can of spray and shouts: “Aww, get that out of here. You’ve got a spray. It stinks. Don’t do that son, it’s rotten. You’re stinking out my house.”

The video has been viewed over 420,000 times since being shared on Facebook last Friday evening.

Thousands of humoured viewers have shared the clip and left messages.

Tracey Smith said: “I’ve watched it twice and howled both times.”

Kirsten Treanor wrote: “I laughed so much at this last night I got the hiccups.”

And Candice Pillay said: “How f****** hilarious is that.”

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