Monday, August 15, 2022
NewsRoundabout smash prompts heated online debate about who messed up

Roundabout smash prompts heated online debate about who messed up

THE moment two cars smash into each other on a busy roundabout has prompted a heated online debate about who messed up.

In the clip a BMW and VW Golf are seen crashing side on as the navigate the roundabout on the A543, near Wrexham, Clwyd.

Social media users are divided between blaming the BMW driver for leaving the roundabout without checking his exit was clear and the Golf driver for being in the left-hand lane at all.

At the start of the footage, the dash cam driver is waiting to go on to the busy roundabout, in North Wales.

The black Golf comes around in the left lane from the right-hand side, and the silver BMW comes soon afterwards, in the right lane.

The BMW indicates left, to use the exit to the left of the dash cam vehicle, but the Golf intends to continue on around the roundabout.

Consequently, the BMW collides with the side of the Golf, and part of the car can be seen flying off, as it is barged on to the exit road.

The BMW immediately stops, in the outside lane of the exit road, and leaves his car, whilst the Golf pulls over on to a grass verge, around 30m later.

The video was recorded on Friday on the dash cam of driver Darrin Witcher, and posted on to Facebook yesterday (Tue).

Since then, it is prompted huge debate amongst the driving community.

Several drivers blamed the BMW, with Alan Gardner writing: “You can’t drive into someone, even if you think they’re in the wrong lane.”

Alan Hook added: “Did the BMW driver know where the Golf driver entered the roundabout? Probably not, so why does it matter what lane he was in, right or wrong? BMW barged the Golf. Cut and dry BMW fault.”

Gordon Doyle wrote: “I would say BMW at fault. Should always be wary of folk in the left lane as they might drive around. Better to hold back until sure what they going to do.”

But others disagreed and blamed the Golf, with Paul Flynn saying: “Golf’s fault for being in the wrong lane.”

Farley Crowson said: “It’s scary to see people think the BMW was at fault. Golf was in the wrong lane.”

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