Dramatic pictures show ambulance left in “Italian Job pose” after bridge crash


DRAMATIC pictures show an ambulance left in “Italian Job pose” after it crashed on a narrow bridge during a 999 call.

The images taken shows the aftermath of a collision between a Mini Countryman and the ambulance on bridge in Glenborrodale in the Scottish Highlands.

The smash forced the ambulance up onto side of the bridge, with one wheel of the four tonne vehicle left dangling over a 10ft drop and the other on the side of the road.

Geoffrey Campbell, who took the pictures, said it reminded him of the legendary scene at the end of the Michael Caine classic The Italian Job in which the robbers’ getaway vehicle is left dangling over a cliff.


The ambulance was left perched on the edge of the bridge


The Mini Countryman’s rear end smashed through the stone wall whilst its front end was badly smashed and the front right wheel mangled in the collision.

The first picture shows the wreckage from the crash, with the Mini almost horizontal on the single track road and the ambulance left on two wheels, with its front end wedged on the bridge.

The Mini has smashed through the wall whilst the ambulance looks dangerously close to toppling over the edge of the bridge.

In a separate snap, taken from another angle, the ambulance can be seen stuck on the top of the wall, with the large drop below.

Nobody is thought to have been injured in the incident which took place on Tuesday afternoon.

Police, ambulance and fire services are all said to have attended the scene, with a medevac helicopter scrambled to attend the original emergency as the road was shut for over two hours.


It mounted the bridge after trying to avoid the Mini Countryman


Geoffrey, from Kilchoan, said: “The ambulance was heading to Kilchoan to attend an emergency and met a car on the bridge.

“Fortunately no one was injured but the Mini was shunted backwards through the bridge wall and the ambulance ended up balanced on the other wall in an ‘Italian Job’ pose.

“Emergency services soon attended including two fire engines, another ambulance and the police; only the coastguard was missing.

“All was put right with assistance from the Loch Shiel Garage and Ardnamurchan Estate.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: “At 6.56pm on Tuesday, June 20 the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was alerted to reports of a road traffic collision near Glenborrodale.

“Two appliances attended and crews ensured the area was made safe.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed that they were made aware of a two vehicle road traffic collision at 6.43pm on Tuesday June 20, 2017, on the B8007 at Glenborrodale.

She said: “The incident involved a white mini and a Scottish Ambulance Service vehicle. No one was injured as a result of the collision. The road was closed for an hour and a half to allow for vehicle recovery.”