Wednesday, June 29, 2022
In BriefMoment reckless driver in pickup narrowly misses mother and child crossing at...

Moment reckless driver in pickup narrowly misses mother and child crossing at red light

SHOCKING video footage has captured the moment a two-tonne pick-up truck comes within inches of hitting a woman and child after speeding through a red light.
The black Ford Ranger travels over a roundabout and then continues straight through the pedestrian crossing, seemingly oblivious to the red light and young parent with her child in a pram.
Luckily, the mother notices the oncoming truck and stops midway across the crossing, angrily gesturing at the Ford driver as the vehicle speeds off into the distance.
The 11-second-clip was filmed by John Wilkie, on a dashcam as he travelled behind the truck.
The footage starts as the Ford Ranger barges into the frame of the footage from the right side as it overtakes John’s vehicle.
The video starts at Aberdeen’s Haudagain roundabout and continues as the truck drives through the crossing on Great Northern Road.
The incident took place around 10am on 21st June (Wednesday).
Driver Passes through red light as mother and child make their way over crossing
The woman and pram cannot be seen at the start of the footage, however they come into the shot as the driver swings from the roundabout to the crossing.
The woman with the pram luckily stops on the road to avoid hitting the truck before gesturing towards the driver.
Mother shows aggressive gesture as a car speeds through as she tries to cross with her child
The woman’s reaction is clearly captured as she raises her arm for an aggressive gesture before she continues to push the pram to the other side of the crossing.
Speaking about his video, John said: “The traffic lights turned to red whilst the black vehicle was still on roundabout. He almost hit the pram with child in it.
“The registration isn’t legible on video otherwise I would have shown it to the police.”
A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “I can’t work out how the driver failed to see that the lights were on red and that there was a pedestrian with pram crossing.
“It is very lucky that the woman crossing was not a few feet ahead of herself because this would have been a completely different story.”
They added: “I hope that the woman and child are okay after what must have been a terrible shock.”

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