Andy Murray reveals his favourite TV show is Peppa Pig


ANDY Murray has revealed his unlikely favourite television show – popular children’s cartoon, Peppa Pig.

The British number one said during a Q and A from young fans yesterday for the BBC that the animated character was a “life-saver” for him.

When asked by a young girl what his favourite television programme is, he said: “My favourite television programme just now is Peppa Pig.

“I watch it a lot with my daughter. It keeps her quiet sometimes if she’s in a bad mood for twenty minutes so Peppa Pig is actually a life-saver for me.”

The revelation comes just days after Peppa Pig sent Andy a good luck message ahead of Wimbledon.

On Monday, Peppa backed the champ in a personalised video saying: “Hello Andy Murray, have you had a good day?,” Peppa said in a video message.

“Do you like jumping in muddy puddles? If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots because you wouldn’t want to get your tennis trainers muddy.

“Andy Murray – Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, George and I wish you the best of luck at Wimbledon. Lots of love, Peppa Pig.”

The 30-year-old Scot, who just revealed him and his wife, Kim are expecting their second child, was also asked by another child how many languages he could speak.

Hilariously, he answered: “I can barely speak one language. Unfortunately it’s a big regret of mine, I lived in Spain and I wish I’d made more of an effort.”

Laughter could be heard in the background during the short clip when Andy, originally Dunblane, Stirling, was asked how many jobs he had.

He said: “I only have one job, currently, which I’m quite happy doing.”

Murray began dating Kim Sears, daughter of player-turned-coach Nigel Sears in 2005.

Ten years later they got married at Dunblane Cathedral and the following year welcomed their first daughter, Sophia – now 17 months old.

The defending champion, is set to play Italy’s Fabio Fognini in the third match on Centre Court later on today.