Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Moment bus driver attacked with glass bottle – and no passenger bats an eyelid

SHOCKING video shows a man hurl a glass bottle at a bus driver – as his passengers fail to react in any way.

The bottle is lobbed through the door of the bus and bounces off the driver’s protective screen, causing a huge crashing noise and shower of glass.

Remarkably, none of the handful of passengers on the vehicle in a leafy Edinburgh suburb appear to react in the slightest way.

The daylight attack in the Corstorphine area of the city is being investigated by police.

The man, wearing red, pulls his arm back before he launches a glass bottle at the drivers compartment

The seven-second clip shows a man, wearing a red top and a black backpack, leaving the bus.

He begins the vile attack by screaming “You f******* fanny” as he walks backwards off the bus.

He can then be seen clearly pulling his arm backwards in order to propel the glass bottle at the driver’s cabin.

The man can then be seen casually walking away.

In February of this year, a Glasgow bus driver was attacked by two thugs who slashed him with a vodka bottle when he tried to throw them off the bus.

A spokesperson for Lothian Buses said: “We can confirm that one of our vehicles was involved in an incident on Tuesday evening.

“We are fully assisting Police Scotland with their enquiries.”

Watch the full video below:

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