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NewsPoobytrap: parking rage woman sticks dog mess on workman's door handle and...

Poobytrap: parking rage woman sticks dog mess on workman’s door handle and windscreen

A PARKING rage row took a nasty turn after a motorist found his car had been boobytrapped with dog poo.
Craig Carrigan was appalled when he returned to his vehicle and found the excrement concealed in a door handle and on the windscreen.
He had been working in a street in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, and had permission from another resident to park there.
But Craig, a trainee scaffolder, ended up in a furious row with another resident who angrily insisted he had no right to take up a precious parking space.
Ignoring the ranting of the “mad cow”, Craig left his car and got on with his work only to get a foul surprise when he returned.
Sharing an image of his discovery on social media, Craig, 25, from Glasgow, wrote: “Canny believe I was arguing with an old woman over a parking space and she’s came back when I was away and picked up jobbies and put them in my door handles and on my car.
“Who even does that, the mad cow.”

Craig, 25, from Glasgow, discovered the ‘jobby’ after a row with a local resident over a parking space

Today, he said: “We are working on a student accommodation near a residential area so I wanted to park in there rather than pay a fortune for parking everyday.
“She was annoyed that I wasn’t a resident saying I didn’t stay there but I had permission to park on the space by the man whose space it was.
“He said I could put my car half on the kerb and half on his space so that he still had space to get in and out if he needed to.
“She must have thought I wouldn’t notice it and grab it and hoped it was raining so I would use my wipers.”

Chris, pictured with his car, posted the hilarious photo to social media but it was taken down after someone reported it

He added: “So I came back after work and had went into the boot to put my stuff back in and then I walked round and noticed poo was all stuffed in the handles and on the wipers.
“I had to put my work gloves on to get into the car and then went to a car wash to clean all the poo off.
“I didn’t park there again and don’t think I will again.
“I put a photo of it on my page but it actually got removed last night because someone must have reported it.
“I got a notification saying i had breached some sort of guidelines. I think it’s because it was a picture of a poo.
“The reactions been quite mixed. A few people have found it funny that I called it a jobbie but others have said it’s childish.”
His post was shared over various Facebook pages, prompting thousands of comments.
David Scott Blackwood wrote: “Who’s to even know if she picked them up? Boak! Haha.”
William Dryden Cuthbertson said: “My mate got that done to his work van! It was funny as f***, disgusting, but funny!”
Samantha Foster wrote: “Bet that witch that steals mine would do this.”
And Gemma Mary Ross added: I really need to get to Scotland one day soon haha.”
However, some users were more baffled about the use of Scottish slang in the post, with one asking: “What the f*** is a jobby?”

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