Video shows walker trapped in tent by dense cloud of midges

AMAZING footage shows a Highland walker trapped in his tent by a swarm of midges so thick it partially blocks the view of surrounding hills.
The west of Scotland is currently in the grip of what could be the worst midge plague ever – with total numbers heading towards 68 billion.
Kev Green’s horrific clip shows the grim reality of the midge explosion as he woke up in his tent.
The 52-year-old, who was walking the Lairig Ghru, which passes through the Cairngorm Mountains, revealed he had to go to the loo in the middle of the swarm.
Kev, from Newark-on-Trent, Notts, starting filming before he even opened his tent and the outlines of thousands of tiny midges can already be seen.
When he does open the tent, a dense, pulsating cloud of the biting insects is revealed. At points it is difficult to make out the surrounding hills despite them being some of the highest in the UK.
After a few seconds, Kev closes up the tent. But he eventually had no choice but to make a dash for it.
Kev, who works as a storeman in a food factory, said: “All you can do in that situation when it comes to packing your stuff away is to get on with it.
“Fasten up all your clothing wear, including the head net and gloves and be as quick as possible.
“Without a net they would in your ears, nose, eyes and mouth. I had to go to the loo in the midst of that swarm, that was not pleasant at all.
“I never go anywhere without my midge net.”
The Scottish Midge Forecast previously announced that Scotland was on course to have a record-breaking 68 billion midges this year.
This will be the highest number since records began in 2010, with the bleak July weather in most parts of Scotland providing ideal breeding conditions for midges.