Sunday, August 14, 2022
NewsMoment impatient tot breaks the rules to give "jester" an early bath

Moment impatient tot breaks the rules to give “jester” an early bath

THE moment a mischievous little boy breaks the rules to dunk a man in a pool of water has been captured on video.

The attraction at Perth’s Medieval Fayre involved trying to hit a bullseye with a tennis ball, plunging an unfortunate volunteer into the chilly water below.

But for one member of the crowd, thought to be aged around four, the waiting was all too much.


The man wasn’t expecting to be dunked


The bold, impatient youngster simply walked up to the target and pressed the button.

As he neared the bullseye it became obvious what he planned to do and his dad is seen lunging forward to try to stop him. But the father is too slow off the mark and the crowd erupts in laughter as the jester gets a breathtaking bath.

As he led off by the hand, the little boy can’t beaming with pleasure.

Mark Smith uploaded onto Facebook and wrote: “Perth on Saturday afternoon. Was filming this in hope someone would put him in but not like this lol brilliant.



“His dad was so embarrassed and had a go earlier so obviously the wee boy thought I’m going to finish this for my dad.”

On social media, Jenny Lawrence said: “Aww brilliant, only kids get away with doing that”

Christine Webster commented: “That’s brilliant well done that little boy”

Yvonne Wilson wrote: “Well done to the wee man”

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