Sunday, August 14, 2022
NewsMo Farah teams up with new training partner Joe Wicks

Mo Farah teams up with new training partner Joe Wicks

OLYMPIC legend Mo Farah has found a new training partner in the shape of The Body Coach, Joe Wicks.

Farah, 34, won silver in his last major track race at the World Championships in London and is now plotting a move to marathon running.

Wicks, is famous for his Lean in 15 cookbooks and fitness videos which aim to make weight loss and a healthy lifestyle attainable for more people.

The pair have now come together as Farah puts the fitness guru through his paces in a series of 200m sprints on the race track.


Wicks and Farah posed for a picture together


Posting on Facebook today, Wicks shared a photo and a video of himself and Farah with the caption: “Just got put through my paces by @gomofarah on the track at St Mary’s.
“Such an incredible athlete and a lovely guy.”

The picture shows Farah and Wicks side by side, the latter with his arm around the Olympic champion as they stand in front of a set of treadmills.

The video shows the pair out on the running track as Wicks says: “Alright Mo, what are you going to do with me now then?”

Farah says: “I’m going to put you through your paces mate with 200 metre repeats.”

Wicks responds by saying: “Easy, no problem.”



The post has already been liked over 170 times and the video has achieved over 7,000 views.

Facebook user Michelle Sinnott wrote: “Oh my god, this is amazing.”

Kelly Kinlin commented: “Nice one.”

Whilst Linda Bamber added: “Fabulous.”

Mo Farah has won four Olympic gold medals as well as six golds at the World Championships.

Wicks’ books have proved incredibly popular and his 2015 offering with 15 minute meal recipes was a best-seller, shifting over 900,000 copies.

Farah recently slammed the media and accused them of trying to diminish his achievements by misreporting the controversies that have surrounded them.

After his final major championship race, he faced questions about his legacy and his relationship with Alberto Salazar, who is under investigation for alleged drug offences.

Farah missed two missed drugs tests before the 2012 Olympics and leaked documents from last month named his as “likely doping” before he was cleared.

Speaking at a press conference, he said: “I’ve achieved what I have achieved – you’re trying to destroy it.

“You can write what you like. The fact is I’ve achieved what I have from hard work, putting my b—s on the line, year after year and delivering for my country. There’s nothing else to be said. History doesn’t lie.”

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