“There’s a f****** lad in the back of a pickup!” Shocked driver spots man in back of open van on M62


INCREDIBLE footage has captured the moment a man was spotted lying down in the back of a pick up van as it travelled along one of Britain’s busiest motorways.

The shocking clip shows a worker lying down on his back in the bed of the van as it travels along the 70mph road.

Filmed on the M62 in West Yorkshire, the dash cam clip shows the man as he lies down and covers himself with a high-visibility jacket.

The clip was filmed on Monday afternoon near the Huddersfield junction as the pick up van travelled along the inside lane of the M62.


The man was spotted travelling in the flat bed on the busy motorway


The clip starts as the van comes nearer into shot and machinery can be seen in the bed of the pick up van.

As the van is passed by the vehicle recording the footage, a man can be seen lying down in the bed with the high-visibility jacket over him and his boots sticking out from the bottom.

As the driver realises what he’s just seen, he says: “There’s a f****** lad here lying down in the back of a Transit van.”

He continues: “Honestly, f****** lying down and we’re on the M62, f****** bet he won’t come near me now.

“He’s lying in the back of the Transit van. He’s lying on the flat bed. F****** hell.”

Another voice can be heard saying: “That’s f****** wrong.”

The driver’s side door of the van appears to be emblazoned with the signage of Acorn


The driver of the dash cam vehicle couldn’t believe his eyes


Roofing, as still images show the man lying down in the back of the van.

Facebook users were shocked by the incident.

One wrote: “These events always seem funny to some people. They are funny until you’re giving evidence in the Coroner’s Court.”

Another commented: “Brakes hard because of anything and that whacker plate or compressor near his feet would possibly crush him.”



Whilst another added: “Dangerous and mad.”

The law states that you must wear a seat belt if there is one fitted on the seat you are using and only one person can use a seat belt.

Travelling unsecured in the back of the pick up van is even more dangerous considering the high speed of traffic on the M62.

Last month, a stretch of the road was closed in both directions after 13 cars were involved in a crash.

A woman from one of the cars suffered a leg injury and a motorcycle rider suffered an injury to his body during the incident. Both were taken to hospital