200mph Jaguar advert sets pulses racing in Dull and Boring


CAR firm Jaguar have set their latest high-octane TV ad in the sleepy twinned communities of Dull, Perthshire, and Boring, Oregon.
The two places made headlines around the world when decided to twin on the back of their hilarious names.
And now Coventry-based Jaguar has decided the supposedly tedious towns are the ideal place to show off their £47,000 F-Type.
The car boasts a top speed of 200mph from its 575 horse power engine and, according to Jaguar, that’s exactly what Dull and Boring need to get residents’ pulses racing.
In the advert, the two local women from Dull, Laura McHardy and Rebecca Deboys, complain about how dull Dull really is before getting the keys to the Jag.
Whilst in Boring, their counterparts, two bearded men, are also allowed behind the wheel.
All four gurn, grimace and giggle as they put the car through its paces.
The Scotswomen are seen in the ad stopping to talk to three men, one of whom is wearing a kilt, and are holding an inflatable raft above their heads.
The pair chat to the men who ask “where did you get that from?” to which one of the women replies: “Stole it.”
The rest of the advert shows the two women travelling to the shop in Strathtay, to buy milk.
On the return journey the women swap places and are mesmerised by the power and performance of the car.

The two locations, united by unexciting names, formed an international alliance in 2012 to boost the profile of each town, and celebrate the annual public holiday – Dull and Boring Day – on August 9.
Dull, with a population of only 200 residents, sits nearly 75 miles north of Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow.
Shopkeeper Simon Gray, who has run the store in the clip for more that 13 years, makes a short appearance.
Talking about the video to a local newspaper he said: “A man representing Jaguar turned up at our door one day and asked if we were OK about using the shop in the advert.
“Because there was no store in Dull and they wanted to use this one.
It came completely out of the blue.
“I said no problem. Because it was a Spar shop, they had to be careful not to show the business in bad light – but in the end, they just photoshopped out the spar sign.”


Two local women from Dull, Laura McHardy and Rebecca Deboys, feature in the new Jaguar advert

Joe Torpey, Communications Manager, Jaguar Land Rover North America said: “The Jaguar F-TYPE is our performance sports car, so we wanted to demonstrate how the vehicle can excite the senses and enhance everyday driving experiences.”
“Bringing the F-TYPE to the cities of Dull and Boring allowed us to have a bit of fun with the brand in a way that was relatable for Jaguar consumers in the United Kingdom and the United States.”