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Hibs fans guaranteed a “cup” – with their Bovril

HIBS have been ridiculed for spelling out to fans that hot drinks come served “in cups”.

Bewildered fans took to social media at the weekend after noticing the unusual message on the menu board at the club’s Easter Road stadium.

On the drinks menu at the ground, it reads “Tea (in-cup)” with the phrase being repeated after each hot drink on the selection, including the beef beverage Bovril.

The drinks menu at Easter Road, Picture: Lewis Tracey

Along with the hot drinks, the menu also states that the Ribena is served in a “carton” and the and the Capri-Sun is served in a “pouch”.

Taking to Twitter to share the obvious statement, Lewis Tracey wrote: “Glad Hibs provide the hot drinks in a cup. Hate when other places just pour it straight on to your hands…”

Currently the post has gone viral, with over 1,600 retweets and 5,000 likes, with some twitter users mocking the clubs lack of competition cups.

@Oldtimeaccie said: “Up until last year they hadn’t had a cup for 102 years though”

@Jailender said: “How do they serve the cold drinks? Pour it straight into your pocket?”

@yalnif13 tweeted: “Against modern football. Not like the good old days where we drank bovril out of a puddle”

Meanwhile other fans noted the high prices for drinks at the stadium.

Alistair Thorn Tweeted about the Easter Road prices

@AlistairThorn wrote: “Much were the Freddos? And £1.90 for a ribena? Were the blackcurrants juiced between Scarlett Johansson’s thighs?”

@wwwaahh asked: “How much less without a cup?”

Hibs fans care far more about cups of the silver variety and in 2016, the club won the Scottish Cup – the highest prize in Scottish football – for the first time in 114 years.

Hibs fans are confused about Bovril being served with a straw

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