Wednesday, August 17, 2022
NewsLady Mone reveals she going veggie from today

Lady Mone reveals she going veggie from today

MICHELLE Mone has revealed she is going vegetarian from today (mon) – and posted menus for the week to prove it.
The former bra tycoon posted a picture of a printed menu on Twitter, revealing that she’ll be dining on “BBQ Bean Burritos’, ‘Indonesian Jungle Vegetable Curry’ and ‘Pozole Rojo Hearty Vegetable Chilli’ in the days ahead.
Lady Mone reckons she was encouraged to quit meat by the documentary ‘What the Health’ on Netflix.
She had previously posted a video of a vegetable garden three weeks ago and said: “Seriously thinking of becoming vegan.”

Lady Mone posted a copy of her menu to twitter yesterday (Sun).

While many followers congratulated her on the move, others pointed out that a chef would be preparing the dishes for Mone and her her billionaire boyfriend, Douglas Barrowman.
The post reveals that today she will be dining on ‘The Hungry Geckos, Dal Masala, with Eggplant’ and ‘Nam Rom Kho To Mushroom Claypot.’
She will follow that up tomorrow with ‘Laos Style Roasted Pumpkin, Coconut and Chilli Soup’ and ‘Vegetable Laap with Sticky Rice, Aubergine Jeow.’
Continuing with the exotic theme, Wednesday will see her tuck away ‘Assam Laksa, Penang Hot and Sour Soup’ followed by ‘Tofu Murtaba, Spiced Crispy Pancake, Pickled Cucumber Salad.’
This photo prompted Twitter user Mandy Du Rose to point out: “She has a chef. That’s why the menu is typed. Not in the real world at all.”
Others pointed out that the fancy dishes on the menu might create toileting issues for the Lady, with one saying “Hope you have extra loo roll in”, and another replying “Eye of the needle…#just saying.”
Another said simply: “One word – flatulence.”

There were some supportive replies, with one follower saying: “Best of luck wonderful decision.”
This morning she invited her followers to follow her ‘Vegetarian journey’ on Instagram where she has posted a video of her breakfast – “a handful of spinach, two cucumbers, one apple, two pieces of ginger then once made blended with half an avocado.”

She says that this should fill you up until lunchtime but also suggests possible snacks in between – almond nuts and a piece of fruit.
Mone also posted a series of tweets about educating children on healthy eating, saying: “I feel so passionate about the food we are eating. I need to make a difference.
“Education on food must be a priority.”
A few weeks ago Lady Mone was branded “crass” after posting a video showing off her enormous home gym and glass-encased knicker cabinet.
The lingerie entrepreneur was told to “stop showing off” after she posted a clip of the mirrored, circular room, overlooking a garden which even has its own reception desk.
Mone, 45, captioned the clip: “Serious training going on in our home. Healthy mind, healthy body = healthy career. #Entrepreneur.”

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