Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsOAP dances to the beat on packed shopping street

OAP dances to the beat on packed shopping street

A PENSIONER has been filmed dancing along to a street performer on one of Scotland’s busiest high streets.
The uplifting clip filmed yesterday shows the elderly woman shuffling along to the high-tempo beat as a street performer plays on a set of tin bins.
The unknown pensioner was caught on camera by Eddie McGarvey along Argyle Street in Glasgow whilst he and his mum were out for lunch.
The dancing granny has gone viral on social media after Eddie uploaded the clip with the caption: “Glasgow”
At the start of the short video, the woman seen wearing a dark navy blue jacket and blue trouses is seen swaying side-to-side whilst kicking out her feet.
The street perfomer, known as the Tech Tin Bin Man, can also be seen playing a set of silver upside down bins with a toy cat bobbing up and down on one of the upturned buckets.

Crowds of people are seen walking past as the woman continues to dance, spinning around and moving her arms in time with the song.
Talking about the clip today Eddie said: “Seen it yesterday on Argyle Street while out for lunch with my mum and immediately got the phone out to record.
“The lassie I spoke to said she had been dancing for around 15 minutes. Reminded me of my late grandma at family parties. She certainly cheered up most people passing.”
The clip has been liked by over 270 users with some views commenting on the pensioners dance moves.
Gilly Shaw wrote: “This is what makes Glasgow an awesome city – the people!”
Vivienne Noble said: “Go, Girl, Go!”
El Robertson commented: “Love it, good on her, I’m sure she made the day for some people.”

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