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Things To Consider When Choosing A Medical Specialty

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Sooner or later, every doctor in training gets the that crucial moment where it is time to choose their specialty. A doctor’s specialty is the specific area in which they will spend most of their time working and they will eventually get to know that part of the body inside and out (no pun intended).

Clearly, this is a big decision for any doctor and it is therefore important that they make it well. Key to making a good decision is having access to all the relevant information beforehand. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, it is easy to consult with people from all over the world who have been in a similar situation.

Below are some words of advice from doctors who have already made the journey from training to practice, designed to help you understand the different factors that one must consider.

How to Choose a Medical Specialty

It is important to acknowledge early on that doctors are not like stem cells; they cannot be induced to turn into anything they choose. Different doctors will have different interests and skills and some doctors will never be able to take on certain jobs and tasks, no matter how much they might want to.

If you are hoping to work in a clinical setting, ask yourself if you are prepared for the constant stream of people throughout your day; some doctors work better behind the scenes or seeing patients by appointments. The environment you choose to work in will depend on a number of factors, but primarily it will depend on exactly how you want to practice medicine. There is even an increasing number of doctors working in the eHealth industry, through sites such as

Throughout your medical training, you will come in to contact with a number of qualified medical professionals, all of whom will have different experiences and words of advice. You should take every opportunity to ask people about your preferred field, and the industry more broadly, at every opportunity. You can’t beat real-world experience and now that the internet has put the world in touch with just the click of a button it is well worth your time to take a look at some of the message boards for doctors.

Choosing a specialty is the most pivotal moment of a doctor’s career and it is important that the decision is made well and for the right reasons.

Which Medical Specialty is Right for Me?

The area you choose to specialize in is something you will have to become well acquainted with. Because you will be spending a considerable amount of time studying your chosen area it is important that you select a specialty that will hold your interest over the years and through your professional life. It is important, however, to also get a realistic picture of what you will be doing day to day.

For example, cardiologists do not spend all their time performing life-saving surgery and if you’re going to find the routine work boring you will struggle to keep your interest and focus for long.

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