Laughter from this years Edinburgh Fringe could power an entire home for six days, research reveals


THE sheer amount of energy produced from laughter at this years Edinburgh Fringe could power a home for around six days, new research has revealed.

Scottish Gas discovered that laughter made by visitors at this years Fringe could have charge a smartphone 20,800 times and even rotate the Falkirk Wheel 83 times.

The measurements could also keep an LCD TV running continuously for around 21 days and power a return tram trip from the city centre to Edinburgh Airport.

Scottish Gas made the discovery by calculating how much energy and laughter was needed to power household electrical items in homes across Edinburgh.

They installed more than 30,000 smart meters around the capital to analyse the findings.

Statistically, the average person burns 100 calories if they laugh for an hour.

This year the Fringe featured 21,292 performances focused solely on comedy.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe closed its doors on Saturday August 28 after attracting record breaking visitor numbers in the event’s 70 year history.

The energy provider also claim that if the current population of Edinburgh laughed for an hour each day for 70 years, it would produce enough energy to power a home in the capital.

Scottish Smart Energy Expert, Stephen Cosgrove, who installs smart meters across Edinburgh for Scottish Gas, said: “Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but it’s interesting to imagine how our chuckles and chortles could power a home.

“I’m sure monitoring your energy use will be the last thing on your mind when you’re out having fun.

“But simple steps – such as switching appliances off at the wall rather leaving them on stand-by before you go out – can help keep energy use in check.

“Having smart meters installed for free can help too. They automatically send meter readings to your energy supplier so you don’t have to.

“And they come with a smart energy monitor that shows you how much energy is being used and how much is being spent, in pounds and pence, in near real time.”

“Scottish Gas has installed more than 30,000 smart meters in homes across Edinburgh.”