Ryanair passengers leave 1 star review a minute to beat ban on Facebook posts


RYANAIR customers are leaving a one-star review almost every minute on the firm’s Facebook page to get round the ban on public visitor posts.

More than 32,000 one-star reviews have been posted to the site with comments including “You shower of b******s”, “crooks” and that they should be “removed for the sake of humanity”.

Unlike many big companies, Ryanair does not permit visitors to post comments that are clearly visible to the public on its main page.

RYANAIR customers are leaving a one-star review almost every minute on the firm’s Facebook page to get round the ban on public visitor posts.

So passengers, furious at the cancellation of 2,024 flights, have taken over the “Review” section of the page to vent their fury.

During one 30-minute period this morning, 27 one-star reviews were left. Later on, 12 bad reviews were left in 10 minutes. As a result of the deluge of bad reviews, Ryanair’s average rating is now 1.5 stars from a total of 39,000 reviews.

Among today’s reviewers was Alistair Oliver who wrote: “You shower of b******s have completely f****d up my only break this year. I will never use you again.”

Another disappointed customer, “Dave Acdm”, said: “Cancelling flights for my trip to England for my best mate’s daughter’s christening.

“Ryanair you have reached an all-time low. I will never again fly with you. I hope everyone who has had their flight cancelled never flies with you either. Shameless.”

Maria Jose Raigal Alonso wrote: “They don’t deserve a star, they’re crooks. 400 thousand affected is not a joke. No more Ryanair.”

And Paulo Alexandre Silva wrote: “Never flying with you again. Not even the Devil himself would fly with you.”

Hundreds of customers posted in their reviews about not being able to reach the airline’s customer services for help.

Some of the disgruntled customers

Blanca Navarro said: “Not able to contact via phone. Not able to contact via chat. Obviously I believe emails will be answered late.

“A cancelled flight in ten days. Deplorable customer experience, no way I am taking any more Ryanair flights.”

Naoise Bolster wrote: “Trying to get home from Tenerife to Dublin due to an emergency and cannot get in contact with any staff member.

“Phones not being answered, live chat not working, emails being redirected back to the website, tweets being ignored. Disgraceful service.”

Blazej Nowicki said: “You just ruin my wedding day, wish you the worst and be prepare for a big compensation.”

And Karla Power wrote: “Appalling. My parents are left in Krakow for an extra two nights because no Ryanair flight leaves till Friday night.

“They were supposed to be on your flight tonight at 9.05 which obviously is cancelled. They have to fly from Poland to Belfast and travel back to Dublin.

“Go online and get alternative flights everyone is been told. Funny, we are trying to contact your live chat, your email, and your phone and guess what? none of them are working.

“Three days trying to contact Ryanair. You are an absolute joke of an airline and never again will I book through you. Thanks for absolutely nothing Ryanair.”