Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsMoment dozy driver crashes into kind motorist who tried to help him

Moment dozy driver crashes into kind motorist who tried to help him

A CONSIDERATE motorist captured the moment he let a car join a dual carriageway only for the driver to barge into the fast lane – and crash into him.

Roger Brady was driving along the A422 in Milton Keynes, Bucks, last month when he spotted a red Fiat Punto approaching a junction metres ahead.

Mr Brady, who had been driving in the left hand lane, courteously moved over to the fast lane – allowing the red car to merge.

But his considerate driving backfired when the dozy driver drifts into the fast lane. Mr Brady emergency brakes but cannot avoid smacking into the same car he was trying to help.

His Ford Fiesta ended up being badly damaged in the crash which destroyed his passenger door, destroyed his wing mirror and left dents right across the left hand side of his vehicle.

Luckily, no-one was injured and the driver, who was in the car with one other passenger, admitted fault and paid for the wreckage out of his insurance.

Mr Brady said: “I pulled over to the right hand lane to allow a car to join the left-hand lane, which he did but instead of letting me continue to pass he continued to close on to my lane where I couldn’t avoid a collision.

“I then pulled into a bus stop where we exchanged details. There were two occupants in other car but no injuries to anyone.”

The clip was obtained by road safety campaign site, SWD. A spokesman said: “This clip shows importance maintaining an appropriate speed and checking of mirrors at all times, especially when changing lanes.

“Both drivers and passengers were lucky to escape uninjured here as the dash cam car was travelling in excess of 50mph at point of impact.

“It’s not clear what the driver was thinking here , however I hope he will be more cautious in future and pay more attention to other vehicles already on the road.”

Mr Brady’s Ford Fiesta was heavily damaged in the crash, but luckily no one was injured.

A spokeswoman for IAM Roadsmart suggested the driver of the red car was not entirely to blame.

He said: “It would appear the driver of the red car did not check both lanes before pulling out

“However, although the driver of the camera car did move lanes to assist the emerging vehicle, they did not plan for the driver to enter their lane and therefore were not ready to allow for the red car’s decision, or take into account the possibility of the red car wanting\needing to pull into the right lane.

“Ultimately the red car would be at fault although a little more thought and anticipation on both sides this could have been avoided.”

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