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NewsMoment pooch free climbs one of Scotland's toughest mountains

Moment pooch free climbs one of Scotland’s toughest mountains

AMAZING footage shows a brave terrier free climbing the almost vertical rockface of one of Scotland’s most iconic mountains.

Snoop, eight, is seen scrambling up the treacherous side of 1,022-metre Buachaille Etive Mor, high above Glencoe.

The Jack Russell and Patterdale cross is roped to his owner, Jamie Jack, who gives the pooch an occassional helping hand up the mountain.

The intrepid pair regularly climb without safety ropes but Jamie, 31, said this climb was one of the most technically challenging they had ever done.

Fearless Snoop after conquering Buachaille Etive Mor in Glencoe

Jamie and Snoop, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, have together conquered more than 70 Munros – Scottish peaks over 3,000ft.

The video shows the pair scrambling up the peak with Snoop leading the way, attached to Jamie by a short purple rope onto his harness.

The dog is unfazed as the pair scramble to the top, with his tail wagging along the way.

The footage shows Snoop running from left to right as Jamie carefully places his feet and hands in the grey rock at the side of the mountain, pulling himself steadily upwards.

At one point Snoop jumps but can’t get a paw hold, so Jamie grabs him and pushes him up.

A road and river can be seen in the distance of the video behind Jamie, and when he turns to look down at his fellow climber, the gut-wrenching video shows just how high up the pair are.

Jamie, fire sprinkler fitter, said today (TUE):“He absolutely loves it, he pulls me up half the time. He’s not scared at all.

“I’ve done 78 munros and Snoop has done 73, all that started when I first got him. We plan on doing them all. We did seven munros yesterday, (MON) so he’s knackered. It was the South Glenshiel Ridge, it took us around 10 hours.

“I only use the ropes when it’s steep, like the climb in the video. Most of the time he just runs along beside me.

“It’s quite a steep ridge, so when we got to the top we just sat there for half an hour and had some lunch. I take a water bowl and some biscuits for him, and a couple of rolls as well. Then we ran back back down.”

Jamie and Scoop are aiming to bag all of Scotland’s munro’s

Facebook users were astonished by Snoop’s climbing abilities.

Carol Linton said: “Great photos and what a gorgeous dog you have.”

Isabella Toma added: “Your dog just rocks…”

Julie Bird commented: “What an awesome wee dog, you’re a lucky man.”

Trauts Yffud said: “What a brilliant pooch, great photos.”

Nick Powell “One man and his dog, pretty awesome.”

While Stephen Reid joked: “He’s a good boy.”

Linzi Melville said simply: “Amazing!”

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