Police investigate shocking footage of schoolgirl attack on pupil


POLICE are investigating after a disturbing video which shows a schoolgirl throw another young teenager to the ground and viciously pull her hair.

The incident involved pupils at Galashiels Academy, Scottish Borders, which has been accused of doing too little to tackle bullying.

Joanne Cleghorn, who posted the clip to Facebook, has a child at the school and claims that the bully has been terrorising and targeting pupils.

Joanne also claims that the school are aware of the problem but have done nothing to tackle it.

The video was originally posted to Instagram but taken down minutes later. However, Joanne managed to quickly grab it before it disappeared.

The 20-second clip begins with a group of girls walking down a path lined with trees.

Two girls can be seen scuffling in the background, as passersby walk past.

The blonde-haired bully pushes the girl down to the ground and onto turn, looming over her as her friends shriek in the background.

She grabs her victim by the hair and leans in close to the girl’s face. It is unclear what is said but the word ‘f***’ can be heard.

The blonde, dressed in a black cardigan and white shirt, then violently pushes the girl on the ground before letting go of her hair and storming off.

The bully can then be seen walking towards the camera, almost smiling, as her victim tries to get away as quickly as possible.

The person filming the clip can then be heard screaming: “Move up to her, you joking? She just f****** decked you come on, hit her back!”

Joanne posted the video with the caption: “So guys this is a video of a bully at Galashiels Academy who is battering an S1 for no reason other than acting hard.

“She is targeting people I know, children, including my own. Galashiels Academy are doing nothing about this.

“God bless the wee girl in this video, shame to who watched and did nothing and hopefully her mother will be ashamed.”

The short clip now has over 58,000 views and 1,317 shares.

The shocking clip prompted outrage online

Social media users shared their disgust at the girl’s actions.

Danni Russell said: “Sick little bitch I hope the police are involved.”

Nicky Henderson commented: “Evil little git. I would like to see her pick on someone who would fight back! Oh no she won’t, As she’s a cowardly BULLY!”

Rowland Swatton added: “What a little cretin. No excuse for this at all. And, no one stepping in to do anything they just laugh! And filming it. I hope she gets identified and punished….”

A spokesman for Scottish Borders Council said: “The school was made aware of this video last week and appropriate action was taken, with Police Scotland also notified of the incident.

“We take any allegations of bullying very seriously and the Council’s education department works closely with schools to investigate and ensure appropriate action is taken, including involving Police Scotland where necessary.”

The council declined to comment on the allegation it was doing too little to tackle bullying at the school.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police in the Borders were alerted to a video on a social media website on Wednesday, September 27, after concern was raised for those involved. Officers are currently reviewing the incident and are working with all parties to establish the circumstances.”