Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsScotland's Spiderman shows off his latest gravity-defying stunts

Scotland’s Spiderman shows off his latest gravity-defying stunts

SCOTLAND’S answer to Spiderman has shared stunning new footage of his latest, gravity-defying parkour skills.

Robbie Griffith is shown standing on a metal rail 8ft above the ground before he effortlessly hops across another four ahead of him – balancing with just one foot on each.

As his feet land on the last rail, the athlete then leaps into the air and does a graceful front flip before making a perfect landing.

In another clip, the 16-year-old from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, clutches onto a rail and swings his body back and forth, gaining more speed.

He then lets himself go and lands precisely on another rail around 12ft away.

The incredible footage have been viewed on Robbie’s Facebook page over 2,000 times since being uploaded on Monday.

Hundreds of fans have also liked the video clips with one viewer writing: “Loving the confidence and precision man. Killin it.”

This isn’t the first time the parkour enthusiast has went viral while showcasing his talents.

In March this year Robbie shared a video in homage to the classic Trainspotting opening scene showing him free-running across Edinburgh – attracting more than two million views.

The clip, called Choose Parkour, updates the famous monologue narrated by Ewan McGregor’s character, Renton and shows him jumping, running and somersaulting around the city’s most famous landmarks.

When it first went online, it attracted half a million views on Facebook in just over one day.

Parkour or “free running” is a growing sport that sees youngsters navigate the urban environment through creative, physical and non-competitive activity.

Coatbridge Parkour Park, thought to be the UK’s biggest parkour park, opened in the summer of 2014 through partnership between North Lanarkshire Council, CultureNL and Coatbridge Parkour.

The facility was created to provide a safe, sociable space for young people to spend time

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