Mum shares pictures of “horror film” hotel used by Easyjet after flight cancelled


A MUM has posted shocking images of the “horror film” hotel she and her two-year-old son were sent to after their Easyjet flight was cancelled.

Daisy-May Henderson’s pictures show exposed wiring, mouldy walls, filthy plumbing and a huge pile of rubbish beneath the balcony. Another snap shows the lock on their hotel room door hanging off.

Daisy-May claims she had to put suitcases up against the door for security and that they were spat on by youngsters on an upper balcony after being put up in the “rowdy” hotel in Majorca.

Daisy-May, 26, and her partner Callan Lawbuary, (corr) 23, from Southampton, together with their son, Louie, had enjoyed their break to Calla Millor in the north-east of the island.

But their return to Gatwick was cancelled on Tuesday as a result of a strike by French air traffic controllers.

The door lock to their room was hanging off, and the couple didn’t feel safe in the Palma Bay Club

Daisy-May followed Easyjet’s instructions and used their app to book a free room for the night. The app, which does not allow for any choice of hotel, put them in the three-star Palma Bay Club hotel, six miles from the airport.

At 11pm, around six hours after they should have returned home, the family arrived at the hotel.

Daisy-May said today: “We got into the room and it was just something out of a horror film.

“There were cockroaches in the bathroom, electric wires hanging out the wall, a dirty bathroom and floor. It had what looked like a dump and people spitting down from their balconies on us.

“The lock was hanging off the door and I was scared for my two-year-old. Myself and my partner put our suitcases against the door and barely slept. All I have done is cry.”

The hotel room also had multiple places where wiring was exposed

Daisy-May earlier posted pictures to Facebook with the caption: “The pictures just say it all. We have then been told there may be no flights available until the 18th.

“Easyjet thank you, thank you very much.”

Luci Foot replied: “So not safe for you let alone a toddler! Disgusting.”

Hayley Smith added: “Truly disgusting treatment. I hope it all gets sorted soon.”

Geraldine Faure commented: “This is outrageous and disgusting that they are making you stay in such a place. I hope they sort you out asap hun.”

Sandra Gibbons added: “That is just awful. How they can treat people after they have taken your money, stay safe hope you get a flight today.”

Daisy-May and her family say that Easyjet ruined their first family holiday

The next day Daisy-May and her family abandoned Easyjet and the Palma Bay Club hotel, booking into another hotel and booking flights home with another airline, all at their own expense.

A spokeswoman for Easyjet said: “Due to Air Traffic Controllers being on strike in France on 10 October easyJet, like all airlines, was required to cancel a number of flights including Ms Henderson’s flight from Palma Mallorca to London Gatwick.

“We provided hotel accommodation for Ms Henderson on 10 October and understand that she has since chosen to source her own accommodation and return flights which Easyjet will reimburse.

“The widespread disruption caused to many airlines by this industrial action resulted in very limited hotel availability in some locations and exceptionally busy flights. Despite this, easyJet was able to provide 340 rooms in Palma Mallorca on 10 October.

“Although the strike was outside of our control, easyJet has contacted Ms Henderson to apologise for her experience.”

No-one was available for comment from the Palma Bay Club.