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NewsStudent posts hilarious video of father's "horrendous" dad dancing at trendy club...

Student posts hilarious video of father’s “horrendous” dad dancing at trendy club night

A MORTIFIED student has posted a hilarious video of her father’s “horrendous” dad dancing at a trendy club night.

Marshall Sharpe is seen vigorously leaping about to the throbbing beat, throwing his arms in the air, and finger pointing – oblivious to the fact he is in his sixth decade.

The 52-year-old’s antics during the performance by electronic duo Bicep caught the attention of youngsters on the night and have gone viral online.

Marshall’s daughter, Holly, a student at Newcastle University, said she thought her dad was joking when he said he wanted to go to the night, called Shine, at Belfast’s Ulster Hall.

The video of Marshall, a publican in the city, starts with the camera pointing towards the DJs before panning around the youthful crowd.

Through the flashing lights Marshall can be seen suddenly coming into view jumping up and down whilst holding what appears to be a beer.

Looking straight at the camera he is seen dancing around as the loud throbbing music can be heard in the background.

Clearly having the time of his life, Marshall continues dancing as men and women less than half his age are seen crossing in front of the camera.

Wearing a blue shirt and looking smart, Marshall throws his arms in the air.

Holly couldn’t get to the show because of her studies and only realised what her dad had got up to on social media.

She said: “I assumed he was joking about going because he is in his 50s.

“Then I was on my Snapchat. They didn’t tell me they went and I seen videos of an old guy dancing and was laughing – until I realised it was my dad.

“He went out for dinner and a night out with my mum, auntie and uncle then ended up getting VIP tickets so they decided why not. To say the least I was raging and very jealous.”

“He loves to party but doesn’t go to those events very often but my dad up for anything and his dancing is horrendous but he thinks he’s class.”

Marshall Sharpe, 52, was filmed having the time of his life at the trendy club night

Since being uploaded the clip has been retweeted by nearly 4,000 social media users and liked by over 14,000 with the nightclub even tweeting Holly offering to put her and Marshall on the guest list for the next event.

@ShineBelfast wrote: “You and him are on the guest list for Shine next time you’re home. Make sure he’s brings ID though”

@tom_ingram1 commented: “the mans a living legend”

@kealan124 responded: “See the kind of fun people have without taken snapchats every two seconds?”

@The_Muher said: “Never forget, behind the shirt and sensible shoes of a man in his 40’s could be a dormant, hard-core raver ready to go off at any time”

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