19-stone barman falls victim to cellar door for the second time in a week


A 19-STONE barman is seen on CCTV tripping over a cellar door – for the second time in a week.

Accident-prone Mark Wain actually tumbled into the cellar last week as he was serving customers at the pub in Liverpool.

That incident was not caught on camera but a few nights later the video was working as Mark came within inches of plummeting into the cellar again.

Mark is seen misjudging his step and one leg goes into the chasm before he falls heavily on his side on the bar floor.

Two female customers show the barman no sympathy at all, laughing hystertically at his mishap. Mark himself branded the accidents as “karma for his s*** hairstyle”.

The 34-year-old, who does not want to identify his workplace, posted the video to Facebook with the caption: “Remember last week when I said I fell down the cellar and I’d get the cctv footage and show you?

“Well unfortunately I couldn’t. However, it did prompt the owners to get it fixed and tonight, this happened…

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: ‘Big fat guy suffers karma for his s*** hairstyle’.”

Mark said today: “I didn’t really have much time to think. I weigh about 19 stone, so when I fall, I fall fast.

“The two girls laughing wasn’t a problem – I’m used to that.

“It was the realisation that I’ve done this twice in less than a week, whereas most people in there have never done it once. I also managed to break the cellar light switch both times.”

“The two girls had just been telling me they’d had a really bad day. Apparently, it cheered them up no end though.”

Social media users found Mark’s customer’s reaction to the fall hilarious.

Kenny Alexander Murray said: “I love how those two girls are absolutely p****** themselves.”

Claire Ferguson added: “Wow your customers were savage.”

Others imagined themselves in Mark’s shoes and joked at his expense.

Siobhan Stark commented: “All man buns should be punished by surprise cellar doors.”