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NewsRusty Nissen hut (without any land) could be yours for an eye-watering...

Rusty Nissen hut (without any land) could be yours for an eye-watering £10k

A RUSTY “shed” developed for the armed forces in World War I has been put up for sale – for an eye-watering £10,000.

The dilapidated, 64 square metre Nissen hut was the invention of Major Peter Nissen and was designed to be constructed by six men in four hours.

The unusual property, which is currently used for storage near Taynuilt in Argyll and Bute has been described as “unique” by the marketing agents.


The old Nissen hut could be yours for just £10,000


Despite the price tag, the sale does not even include any land other than a two-metre border around the building, according to the plans.

Typically made using a steel frame and corrugated sheeting, over 100,000 huts were ordered to be built by the British Government during WWI.

After dissapearing from British production lines following the end of the great war, the Nissen re-emerged during the Second World War.

They were used for a wide range of functions from accommodation to churches and bomb stores.

Sellers Bell Ingram have said this is a “unique opportunity” to purchase a Nissen hut.

The photos of the rare building shot the corrogated sheeting having become rusted over the years and the wooden doors clearly needing replaced.


The Nissen hut is on the market with Bell Ingram


In their brochure they wrote: “The property comprises an old Nissen hut, which has been let in recent years for storage.

“Nissen huts were invented during the first world war by inventor and engineer Major Peter Nissen to provide easily constructed pre-fabricated buildings.

“The property is situated in a rural location adjacent to a small settlement of residential properties on the edge of Fearnoch Forest, between the villages of Taynuilt and Connel.”

Bell Ingram added that the sale comes without planning permisson potential new owners will need to enquire with Argyll and Bute council.

Many of Nissen huts were sold after the wars, with very few surviving, but examples can still be found in the UK, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

Most of the huts are often found in rural locations as general purpose stores however, some have been developed into stunning homes.

The original design was masterminded by Major Peter Norman Nissen of the 29th Company Royal Engineers of the British Army during the First World War.

Earlier this year a Nissen hut that was used an aircraft hanger during WWII was transformed into a stunning £1.4m home in Essex.

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