Horrifying scrap between traveller women – filmed by young boy


SHOCKING video shows two traveller woman brutally brawling in a car park – filmed by a young boy.

The woman punch, kick and grab each other’s hair as they roll about a wet car park.

At several points one of the women tries to gouge the other’s eyes and is told by a screaming onlooker to stop.

Disturblingly, towards the end of the video the person filming turns the lens on themself and is revealed to be a boy aged around 10.

It is not known where the video was filmed but it was uploaded to a YouTube site called Traveller News on October 21. One of the onlookers sounds like she has an English accent and the other Irish.

The clip – captioned “Traveller women fighting” – has been branded as “disgusting” and “disgraceful” by social media users.

The video begins with two young women rolling on the ground in what appears to be a secluded car park in the countryside.

Two women, one wearing a white top and one wearing a black top with white stripes, are standing beside them shouting indecipherably.

The woman in the black and white top can be heard shouting: “Prove who the best mother is…go on our child.”

The pair on the ground continue to scrap on the tarmac. One girl, wearing blue jeans and a green top, forces herself on top of the other girl and starts punching her violently in the face.

The woman wearing the black and white top steps in to intervene shouting: ““Don’t touch her eyes, no eyes, no eyes, no eyes, no eyes.”

The two girls scream and pull at each others hair, while another woman, clearly filming the fight, can be heard saying: “Have a clean fight, have a clean fight, come on girls.”

When the girl wearing the grey top starts to kick back at the girl who had been sitting on her, one of the woman can be heard shouting: “You’re kicking her, you’re kicking her no no no.”

She pulls one of the girls legs away, when the other woman approaches and they scream at each other to “back off”.

The last three seconds of the clip reveal that the brutal brawl was filmed by a young boy.

One of the girls violently pummels the other in the face while the older woman look on

He jumps and celebrates with the girl who continues to shout: “Up the Prices.”

The Garda said that they had no knowledge of the video. A spokesman said: “It is not something that has been flagged to us, it is not something we know about.”

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said they could not look into the issue without a location.

Social media users were quick to share their disgust at the video, with many suggesting it wasn’t a fair fight.

Bubalicious Pop said: “Disgraceful.”

Dave D added: “FFS That should have been stopped.”

Biggun Biggun commented: “That was not fair play…f** disgusting.”