Monday, May 16, 2022
In BriefTesco investigate after gagging student finds "mouldy moth" in sandwich

Tesco investigate after gagging student finds “mouldy moth” in sandwich

TESCO is urgently investigating after a “mouldy moth” was found in a gagging customer’s sandwich.

Horrified Esther Jumelle Asidi discovered a “living nightmare” when she discovered the decomposing insect in her coronation chicken sandwich.

Esther, a student from Nottingham, hoped to grab a quick lunch between lectures from one of the supermarket’s stores, but was shocked to find “unexpected extra ingredients”.

The 27-year-old said she “gagged” when she spotted the dead insect and felt sick, before taking the sandwich back to the store.

Esther purchased the coronation chicken sandwich as part of a meal deal for £3 from the chain’s Shakespeare Street Express store in Nottingham yesterday.

The 27-year-old took to the company’s Facebook page to vent her frustration and called her ordeal a “disgrace”, after she claims she was fobbed off by the store’s manager.

Esther posted a picture to Tesco’s Facebook page, which shows a small bug-like object wedged between salad leaves.

She accompanied it with the caption: “So Tesco on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham sold me extra ingredients in my Coronation Chicken Sandwich today. I opened it and there was a mouldy dead moth in my sandwich.

“If I was not vigilant, I would have ate the living nightmare. I have reported it to the manager who annoyed me even more by telling me that there was nothing she can do about it, as they are not the one who makes the sandwiches and it is another company.

“Regardless of whether you make the food or not, it was bought within your store. So you will hear from me. The disgrace. Please people always make sure that you check your food when you purchase them and always ask for your receipt. I would hate for anyone to experience what I have today, whether you are my friend or enemy. Let’s look after ourselves.”

Tesco’s customer care team apologised in the comments of Esther’s posted, and offered her a refund.

Esther, speaking today, said: “As a student, sometimes you buy things and you just rush out, and this was exactly what I did yesterday to get back to lectures. I always investigate my food and I gagged when I saw it. I was confused, and felt sick, and I lost my temper.”

A Tesco spokeswoman said, “We take great care when preparing our products and have robust quality processes in place, so we’re surprised to hear of this incident. We have asked Esther to return the product to store so that we can investigate urgently with our supplier.”

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