Aldi customers warned “two Kevin the Carrots” each following last year’s toy sell-out



ALDI is restricting customers to just two Kevin the Carrot toys this Christmas after “disgusting scumbags” cashed in on the characters last year.

The discount supermarket has promised this festive season to stock more of the £2.99 soft toys of Kevin the Carrot and Katie, his “new love interest”.

But Aldi wants to prevent a repeat of last year’s carroty contretemps, in which stocks of Kevin ran out and eBayers cashed in to the tune of £30 each.

The new measures emerged after a worried customer took to social media yesterday to demand a change in how the carrots are sold this year.

Claire Smith wrote: “Remember last year when customers literally bought all the Kevins just to resell them on eBay? Please don’t let this happen again.”

Kevin and Katie will be available to buy from November 23, but Aldi are having to restrict customers to two each

Aldi responded: “There will be a significant increase versus last year in the number of soft toys available in each store.

“There will be a limit to three of each variant per customer.

“But as with all of our Specialbuys, we only have limited numbers, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!”

Kevin the Carrot sold out at many stores in half an hour last year.

Disappointed customers took to social media to complain after discovering the prized carrot on eBay for more than ten times his original price. Sellers were branded “disgusting scumbags”.

Although a date for this year’s release of Kevin and Katie the carrot soft toys is still unknown, the store will begin selling Kevin the Carrot shopping bags for 99p from this Sunday.

On Monday evening Kevin the Carrot returned to television screens for Aldi’s newest Christmas campaign.

The newest installment shows the lovable veg finding love in the food carriage of a luxury train with new character, Katie.

The advert took inspiration from Murder On The Orient Express and is narrated by Game of Thrones actor Jim Broadbent.

Last year all proceeds from Kevin the Carrot sales went to children’s charity, Barnardo’s.

Kevin and Katie will be available from November 23.