Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsBizarre moment student knocks himself out "for a laugh"

Bizarre moment student knocks himself out “for a laugh”

A BIZARRE video shows a man knock himself out for a laugh at student accommodation by leaping and headbutting a sign.

The footage shows Harry Donnelly, 18, running up and making slight contact with the fire exit sign on his first attempt.

Not to be put off, he goes back for another shot and this time smacks his head off the sign, ending up lying stunned on the floor.

He and his friends had returned to student accomodation at Dundee University from a night out in the city, and pal Michael Demarco filmed the antics.

Harry posted the video of himself to Twitter, adding “Sometimes you just gotta keep on trying.”

The video starts with one of the group saying “Do it like you’re going through it” before Harry jumps and headers the sign as if he’s a centre back on a football pitch.

They all snigger and one friend says something inaudible followed by “Try it again.”

Harry moves back and counts down “3,2,1” before taking another run and jump and headbutting the sign with much more force.

There is laughter as he hits the deck and rolls over while clutching his head.

As the video ends one of Harry’s friends appears to be getting up to see if he is ok.

Harry said yesterday (wed): “I’m trying to knock myself out for a laugh. It was after a night out in Dundee.

“I had a massive lump on my head for a few days and a few scars.”

Michael added: “He is usually up to stuff like that, it was the end of the night and he thought it would be funny.”

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