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NewsGirl, 5, takes internet by storm with impression of "gobs***e" hairdresser

Girl, 5, takes internet by storm with impression of “gobs***e” hairdresser

A HILARIOUS five-year-old has taken the internet by storm with her impression of a “gobs***e” hairdresser.

Five-year-old Carly, from Glasgow, pretends she’s a “talkative” hairdresser as she plays with his mum’s hair.

Kerry Ann laughs as her daughter walks about her room describing how she dyed one of her “customer’s” hair blue when she didn’t want it.

She chats about having to pull a 50-hour shift because she “needs to do all the people’s hairs” because they’re “pure screaming” at her for being a bad hairdresser.

Since the video was posted on Tuesday (NOV 7), Kerry’s phone has been inundated with notifications and even crashed at one point.

The tot’s hilarious antics have caused a storm on Facebook, with the video now has 213,000 views and 4,000 likes.

Carly’s spot on impression of a “gobs***e” hairdresser won over social media users

Kerry, who works for an insurance company, uploaded the video with the caption: “When your hairdresser is a gobs***e #buckled.”

The video begins with Carly standing behind her mum on her bed, with a plastic hair clip attached to her top – as all hairdressers do.

Fully embracing the role Carly talks about how she stole someone’s job because: “She didn’t want to work here. Then she just changed her mind, to make sure if I was alright, and I said to her ‘Aye, I’m alright hen!’”.

32-year-old Kerry can barely contain her laughter as Carly struts about the room gossiping.

When Kerry asks her what time she started her shift, Carly looks up to a picture on her wall and pretends to count. She says: “200, no actually, 50 o’clock.”

Her mum asks her what time she finishes, and the tot replies: “100 o’clock.”

When her mum asks if she’s here for 50 hours, she says: “Aye, I just need to do all the people’s hairs. They’re pure screaming at me.”

Mum Kerry Ann said the cheeky tot has a very active imagination

When Kerry asks why, she replies: “Because I can’t do their hair properly, because I’m not a great hairdresser they all say.”

Kerry says she thinks she’s fantastic, to which Carly replies: “Aye I know.”

Carly goes on to talk about how she dyed one of her customers hair blue, and that the woman was “pure screaming” because she didn’t want her hair done.

When Kerry jokes with Carly to hurry up because she’s been there for six hours and has a party to go to, Carly replies: “Two seconds I’ve got to go and get my shoes on.”

She then walks out of the room, while her mum fakes exasperation before laughing into the camera.

Speaking today (FRI), mum Kerry said: “It’s just one of the things she does, she’s got such an active imagination. Because it’s just me and her in the house she shouts at me to come and play with her in her room, and that day she asked if she could do my hair so I said yes.

“She was going on like that for about half an hour or an hour, I always take loads of pictures and videos of her and put them on Facebook so the family can see, but one of my friends convinced me to make this one public because it’s so funny.”

When asked if Carly hopes to be a hairdresser when she grows up, Kerry replied: “I don’t know, I always say to people she’s the girliest tom boy you will ever meet. She’ll be playing football in the mud with her nails done. One minute she wants to be a hairdresser, the next it’s a builder, or a bus driver.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the hilarious video.

Debi Emslie said: “Oh my God, I’m buckled she is hilarious. I need her to work with me.”

Sarah McCabe commented: “Best hairdresser. Her chat is even better. Can I book in?”

Janette Cranstoun added: “That’s pure brilliant.”

While Stacey Fisher said: “This wee yins hilarious.”

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