Rugby legend John Beattie admits he let loose “bad” pet bunnies in city park


Rugby legend John Beattie has admitted that he released pet rabbits into a city park ten years ago.

The former Scotland international let a pair of “bad” bunnies loose in Glasgow because they kept biting people.

Beattie, now a radio presenter, made the startling admission when he was asked by Kaye Adams if he was a “pet person”.

The former flanker confessed that two Dutch miniatures called Muffy and Miffy had been given their freedom in Dawsholm Park, in the Kelvindale area of the city.

The park, about half a kilometre square, is bounded by the River Kelvin, busy Bearsden Road and a railway line.

Beattie revealed the story while briefly on air with Kaye Adams to trail his BBC Radio Scotland show yesterday (Thu).

Rugby legend John Beattie admitted releasing the rabbits, similar to the one pictured, into a Glasgow park

Beattie, who won 25 caps for Scotland, was asked by Adams: “You’re not a pet person are you, John?”

He explained: “I used to have a pet when I was a wee boy.

“And we had to release two rabbits because they kept biting us. That was about ten years ago.

“They were bad. Little Dutch miniatures, Muffy and Miffy.

“I waved them goodbye in Dawsholm Park.”

An exasperated Adams asked: “What, you sent them out into the wild?”

Beattie replied: “Well, they’re probably still there.”

Beattie released the rabbits in Dawsholm park, in the Kelvindale area of the city

When Adams said she doubted that, Beattie responded: “No, I’m sure they are. Don’t start this, my kids will be listening. They’re fine.”

Beattie declined to make any further comment when he was contacted yesterday.