Friday, July 1, 2022
In BriefAdorable snap shows Murray the border terrier riding bike

Adorable snap shows Murray the border terrier riding bike

AN adorable snap of a pooch riding a pink toddler’s bike has sent dog lovers on the internet into meltdown.

The picture of Murray the border terrier – named after tennis legend Sir Andy Murray – shows the dog perched in a weirdly human-like position on the bike.

Taken by owner Dale Smart, from Cowdenbeath, Fife, the cute canine has gone viral with over 1,300 shares and nearly 6,000 likes.

Murray on the pink bike

The reaction has encouraged Dale, 25, to share other comical snaps of his pet doing “human” things, including listening to music, relaxing with a coffee, and wearing a bra.

Sitting upright like a human, Murray, four, is seen looking at towards the camera after having been placed on the bike by Dale, a supermarket worker.

Originally bought as part of Dale’s fancy dress costume where he was dressed as Elliot from Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster classic E.T, the pink bicycle even features stabilisers.

With each of his paws on a the grips on the handle bars, Murray’s hind legs are just too short to reach pedals.

According to Dale, Murray wouldn’t stop whimpering until he lifted him on top of the bike where he “quite content.”

Dale said: “The story behind it is that I got the bike from a scrap yard as I was going to a fancy dress party dressed as Elliot from ET.

“I left the bike outside and Murray sat at the back door crying so I just lifted him on it and he sat there quite content.

“He wasn’t trained to jump on the bike but he was crying to get on it, he was on it for a couple of minutes.

Murray preparing for work

“Me and the family were in hysterics, he just sat there for a bit then we took him off cause we didn’t want him to get hurt.”

He added: “We have had Murray since he was a pup. He is 4 years old and we named him Murray because when we got him Andy Murray won Wimbledon and I believe Andy has two border terriers.”

Getting ready for Christmas

Other costumes Murray has been snapped in have included a tie and a mug of coffee, chilling out and listening to music and a shark suit.

Posting the image on Twitter Dale said: “If anyc***s having a bad Sunday here’s a picture eh ma dug riding a bike”

Currently the tweet has also received over 1,300 shares and nearly 6,000 likes with many viewers commenting.

@nicolemong wrote: “How’d he even get his dog to do that”

@fogginnn said: “Just what a needed today omg”

@brieemurphyx commented: “My fav photo ever”

@whytejordyn1 responded: “Ahahaha awh wit”

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