Brilliant moment drinker has trousers pulled down and is hauled over bar


A HILARIOUS video shows a drinker gets his trousers pulled down before he is thrown over the bar – exposing himself to the barmaid he was trying to chat up.

Mark Robertson, from Dundee, decided to prank his friend, Craig Martin, at the Nine Maidens in Dundee on Saturday night.

Craig’s trousers are whipped down and, unable to struggle, he is physically hauled over the bar.

The unfortunte man lands on the other side of the bar with his nether regions on display.

The barmaid can be seen laughing at the half-naked man rolling around on the floor beside her.

The clip already has over 25,000 views since it was posted by Mark on Facebook yesterday (MON).

Mark posted the video with the caption: “Belter fae Saturday night.”

Speaking today (TUE) , Mark said: “I was drunk and trying to embarrass him in front of the bar maid.

“It was me who pulled my friends trousers down in the video and he is not bothered about it being online.”

Kevin Wightman, the manager of the bar, filmed the video on his mobile from the CCTV coverage.

He said: “It is funny. I knew it was going to be there because they’re my friends and we’re in a group chat and they were having a laugh.

“It has been shared a lot on Facebook and it’s caused a lot of hilarity with the regulars.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the hilarious video.

IGreg Kirk said: “He doesn’t even put up a fight that is the best bit about it.”

Keiren Wallace added: “Oh my god this is f** amazing.”

LLauren KKeen commented: “When your chat up skills go from a 10 to a 2.”

Jodi Morrison said: “Watched this about five times just gets funnier every time.”

Dominic Bain added: “That’s f** brilliant baw sack hinging right oot no giving a f**k.”

Kieran Smith said simply: “That’s one of the best things I’ve seen in ages.”