Social carer who threatened to kill if struck off…gets struck off


A SOCIAL care assistant who threatened to kill people if he is banned from the profession – has been struck off.

Matus Horvath faced a string of allegations including including saying a colleague’s boots made him “horny” and giving a woman an unnecessary full body wash.

The 38-year-old, who worked at a council-run care home in Orkney, told a colleague that if the accusations resulting in him being struck off he would “start killing people”.

Mr Horvath attended a five day hearing in Dundee which before the Scottish Social Services Council for Scotland (SSSC) which concluded last week.

The panel investigated a string of complaints from colleagues and service users at St Peter’s House in Stromness, Orkney.

The allegations found proved, which relate to the period March 2015 and August 2016, stated that he did: “On or around 31 May 2016, place your hands around service user BB’s neck, raise your voice and state, ‘I told you it was next week you stupid woman’ or words to that effect.

“By your actions, cause distress to BB, on dates unknown to the council.

“Look under BB’s bed covers while she was in bed and look at BB’s underwear area without providing reassurance to BB.

“State to BB “if you were 38 years old and I was 30 then things would be a lot different between us” or words to that effect.

Another incident around June 2015, stated: “Whilst in the presence of a service user, you did state to your colleague ZZ, ‘Hi sexy’ or words to that effect, ‘boots make me horny. They turn me on” or words to that effect.”

In November 2015, Mr Horvath has been accused of ‘kissing service user AA on the hand on a date unknown to the Council’.

Another charge alleged that: “On a date unknown to the Council, gave CC a full body wash when there was no requirement to do so.

“On or around 22 August 2016, state to your colleague, YY, that “if you were struck off you would start killing people” or words to that effect, by your actions above, caused distress to YY.”

Mr Hovarth used to work at St Peter’s House care home in Stromness, Orkney

Documents, released yesterday (TUE) revealed how Horvath’s representative described his client as being “a man of great kindness” during the hearing.

He said how Horvath was “shocked”at the facts alleged and that he would “carry the code in one hand and your heart in the other”.

His representative argued that when told not to kiss service users on the hand or bathe them Horvath stopped his behaviour.

He told the panel how Horvath did not wish to “ride roughshod” over the interests of female service users.

When issuing a removal order, the SSSC panel said: “Your conduct was serious, involving physical and verbal abuse of service users and inappropriate and sexualised conduct towards a female colleague.

“The number and nature of the proven allegations represented a sustained pattern of behaviour at the high end of the scale of seriousness.

“Your misconduct was not easily remediable and your fitness to practise was impaired irrespective of the passage of time, training or any insight shown.

“The SSSC’s Presenter also submitted that there was a risk that you would repeat the behaviour in question.

“You had shown little acknowledgment or insight into your behaviour and its consequences.

“No reassurance could be taken that you would not repeat your behaviours if you returned to work in social care.

“If there was a repeat of your behaviours there was a serious risk of harm to service users and colleagues.

“In all the circumstances a Removal Order was warranted. Your actions had been serious and deliberate.”

A spokeswoman for Orkney Islands Council today (WED) said: “These were serious matters that cannot be condoned.

“The worker was suspended after allegations were made and has not worked for us since.”