Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Moment “mad wae it” drinker takes revenge on bar – with a bag of flour

A VENGEFUL drunk has been caught on camera “flour bombing” a Glasgow bar that refused to serve him.

The drinker stormed off in a huff after being turned away from the city’s Bier Halle.

Bizarre CCTV footage shows the same man return an hour later and explode a bag of flour all over the entrance to the underground bar.

Joshua Barr, a manager at the Gordon Street bar, posted the video to a Facebook hospitality group with the caption: “When you knock a guy back for being too Mwi [mad wae it] and this is his response.”

The man hid the bag of flour behind his back while letting a leaving customer pass

The video begins with a bald man walking down the stairs into the underground bar, while another customer stands to the side of the stairs on his mobile phone.

As the man reaches the bottom of the stairs he can be seen hiding the bag of flour behind his back, as he steps aside to let a leaving customer pass.

Suddenly, a cascade of white powder can be seen falling to the floor – as it becomes clear the man is shaking a bag out onto the floor.

The customer on the phone looks bemused, as the bald man spreads the flour out over the entrance.

The unidentified man then takes the stairs two at a time as he makes a quick getaway.

Joshua said: “He was swaying as he walked in at first so we took a look and decided to give him a knock back. He didn’t take it to well, he was demanding to know why he wasn’t getting served and then walked away in a huff.”

When asked how long the man went away for, Josh replied: “Maybe an hour.”

The 27-year-old added that the staff weren’t fazed by the incident. He joked: “We had to get the vacuum out. We were laughing about more than we were annoyed.

“It was a bit annoying having to clean up of course as it went everywhere. But honestly it was the highlight of a long shift. So the joke’s on that guy.”


The unidentified man ran away after pouring a whole bag of flour onto the floor

Social media users were in disbelief at the man’s actions.

Claire Gracie said: “Did he go to the shop just to buy a bag of flour he was gonna chuck in the place?”

Hannah Lister Roy commented: “I thought was a really bad projectile spew, or snow then wasn’t sure, then read the trusty comments and then I seen after watching for the bag. What a w* still though.”

Alain Muhizi added: “Grrrrr a**.”

While Sie McGinley joked: “At least the cops will get the guy’s footprints…”

And Louisa Tracey said: “I love the guy on the phone like…whit?”

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